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Elevator function term

Aug 17, 2018

Today, the elevator home column elevator encyclopedia introduces the elevator function terminology:

Name Term Terms Meaning

Emergency fire operation; fire emergency return After the fire switch is operated or the corresponding signal is received, the elevator will drive straight back to the set floor and enter the stop state.

Fireman service The function of manipulating the fire switch to put the elevator into a firefighter-only state. In this state, the elevator will drive straight back to the set floor and then stop the elevator, after which only authorized personnel can operate the elevator.

Independent operation; independent service; independent service through the special switch to switch state, the elevator will only accept the car command, does not respond to the landing call (outbound call) service function

Emergency power operation When the normal power supply of the elevator is cut off, the elevator power supply is automatically transferred to the user's emergency power supply. The group car runs to the set landing station according to the process. After the door is released and the passengers are released, the design is stopped or reserved. run

Automatic rescue operation, automatic leveling operation; automatic leveling rescue; When the elevator is powered off, after a short delay, the elevator car automatically runs to the nearby landing, opens the door to release passengers, and then stops at the landing waiting The power is back to normal

Anti-nuisance car call protection The function of canceling the registered car running command when it is detected that the car interior selection command is obviously abnormal.

Earthquake control; earthquake function; the function of regulating the operation of an elevator to ensure the safety of elevator passengers.

Operation counter counter that accumulates and displays the number of elevator runs

Overload protection When the elevator is overloaded, the car emits an audio or video signal and keeps the door open, not allowed to start.

Full-load non-stop When the car load exceeds the set value, the elevator does not respond to the landing call along the way, according to the registered car command

Car call cancellation can cancel the function of the misregistration command in the car

Door overload protect function When the elevator is blocked during opening and closing, the elevator door moves in the opposite direction.

In advance door open In order to improve the operation efficiency, the elevator enters the unlocking area and performs the function of opening the door during the leveling process.

Park lift, exit run parking; stop lift When this function switch is activated, the elevator will no longer respond to any landing call, and will automatically return to the designated floor stop after responding to the instruction in the car.

Speech synthesis station speech synthesis; speech report station voice reporting car operation status and floor information function

Door closing protection In the process of closing the door, the photoelectric signal or mechanical protection device installed at the door of the car, when the person or object is detected in this area, immediately reopen the door.

Docking operation Under certain conditions, in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of the freight elevator, after taking appropriate safety measures, in the case that the car door and the landing door are open, the car is slowed from the leveling position within the specified distance. Upward operation, operation connected to the cargo handling equipment

Inspection operation in the elevator inspection state, manually operating the inspection control device to operate the elevator car at the inspection speed

Skip-stop operation The two adjacent elevators share a waiting hall, one of which serves the even-level landing and the other serves the operation of the odd-level landing

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