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Elevator energy saving new technology

Apr 02, 2019

It is not difficult to find out in the hotel's power consumption that the power consumption of air conditioners and elevators can be said to be strong. When the elevator is running, the elevator machine room is a safe operating environment for cooling and ensuring the elevator, especially in some provinces and cities in the south, the temperature of the elevator air conditioner is lower than that of the ordinary indoor air conditioner. In general, elevator energy conservation should also be included in the scope of hotel energy conservation and consumption reduction.

      Elevator energy saving has developed rapidly in recent years, and PWM pulse width modulation technology has been exhibited in elevator energy-saving technology. The so-called PWM technology is a technology that utilizes the turn-on and turn-off of a semiconductor device to convert a DC voltage into a certain shape of a voltage pulse sequence to achieve the goals of frequency conversion, voltage transformation, and control and elimination of harmonics. As voltage-type inverters are used more and more in high-performance power electronic devices, such as AC drives, uninterruptible power supplies, and active filters, PWM pulse width modulation technology has attracted great attention as the core technology of these systems. One of the elevator energy-saving equipment--DTDH elevator power feedback device adopts PWM pulse width modulation technology for the first time, which fills the domestic gap. The introduction of this energy-saving scheme by the hotel is also a solid foundation for the future development of hotel energy-saving.

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