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Elevator decoration, energy points you missed

Mar 30, 2018

According to recent statistics and forecasts, in the next few years the national special equipment management department, our growth will exceed double-digit elevator decoration. Therefore, in response to the basic national policy of a resource-saving society, the construction of energy-saving elevators and the supervision of the implementation of supervision and review, and take effective measures to reduce the elevator decoration energy consumption, which is very necessary, and it can not be ignored. There are four ways to apply the energy saving measures for elevator decoration:


First, advanced technology, energy-saving elevator decoration control ladder decoration of the new decoration choice


Advanced Technology Ladder Firstly, the choice of energy-saving elevator decoration newly installed elevator decoration control


Unmanned auto lamp technology, driving dormancy technology, escalator start frequency sensing technology, intelligent group control building management technology has mature ladder control technology, can achieve very significant energy-saving effect. Recently, the GeN2?-MR of Xizi Otis elevator decoration has proposed a new solution through the design of a small room. Thanks to the professional application of Otis' patented composite tape, the GeN2?-MR saves more space for the building by reducing the room area. In addition, it uses the REGENT Renewable Energy Converter, Otis' patented technology, which achieves energy savings of up to 60% under real operating conditions.


Second, the new and old elevator decoration can be installed DTDH series elevator decoration energy feedback device


The commonly used elevator decoration is a vertical transportation device, and the hoisting machine operates in a normal working state for dragging or braking. When the unbalanced load condition decorates the elevator (light load, downstream overload) and elevator decorating is gradually slowed down, the traction machine's state braking power. In the process of motor windings write mechanical energy into electrical energy, do not install the elevator decorating the elevator energy-saving equipment first, this part of energy consumption, and the second is the consumption of braking and heat resistance. These two methods not only waste a lot of energy, but also generate a lot of heat, causing the room to heat up. In order to ensure the normal operation of the elevator decoration, but also need to increase the air conditioning or cooling fan, thereby further increasing energy consumption. Using the AC-DC-AC work of the inverter, the generating traction machine is in the DC power state, and uses the energy feedback device and the local grid inverter is in phase with the voltage, alternating with the DC frequency to give back the current AC The use of power grids to achieve the purpose of energy saving near other electrical equipment. At present, the feedback control technology for the regenerative power of the traction machine is quite familiar with the ordinary elevator decoration energy feedback device, which can achieve 20% to 45% power saving after installation, an increase of 50.56 percentage points compared with the same period of last year.


Third, the elevator decoration improved mechanical transmission and electric box


Improve the operating efficiency of the motor drive system. The elevator decoration traction machine inverter is used to replace the induction motor speed regulator as the motor running target, in order to improve the efficiency of energy-saving measures. Traditional worm gear to planetary gear reduction or gearless drive, mechanical efficiency can be increased by 15% to 25%; AC double speed drag (AC-2) system, with frequency rate regulator (VVVF) drive system, can pass in 20 More than % to reduce power consumption.


Fourth, use of energy-saving LED lighting system, elevator decoration car


LED lighting is no stranger to energy saving, LED has entered the homes of ordinary people. Elevator decoration car lighting LED light-emitting diodes, rather than the usual use of incandescent, fluorescent and other lighting fixtures, lighting can save about 90% of the amount. LED light power is generally only 1W, no heat, can achieve a variety of design and optical effects, beautiful and generous. The visual realization of the elevator decoration car and the luxurious interior can save energy and high energy elevator decoration, reducing energy consumption.

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