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Elevator classification

Oct 26, 2017

1According to the use of elevatorpassenger elevator, design for transporting passengers, requires perfect safety facilities and a certain car interior decoration. A cargo elevator, design primarily for transporting goods, usually accompanied by people. A hospital elevator, design for transporting beds, stretchers and medical vehicles, car has long and narrow traits. Dumbwaiter, design for transportation of books, documents, food, etc for libraries, building offices and restaurants. Panoramic elevator, car wall is transparent, is used for sightseeing. A vehicle elevator is used as an elevator for loading vehicles. Ship lifts are used on ships. Elevators for building and construction are used during construction and maintenance. Other types of elevators, in addition to the above commonly used elevators, there are some elevators for special uses, such as cold storage elevator, explosion proof elevator, mine elevator, power station elevator, fireman elevator, etc.

2The elevator is classified according to the driving mode. AC elevator uses the AC induction motor as the driving force. According to the drag mode, elevator can be divided into AC single speed, AC double speed, AC voltage regulating speed regulating, AC variable voltage variable frequency speed regulation. DC elevator, with DC motor is used as driving force. The rated speed of this kind of elevator is more than 2.00m/s. The hydraulic elevator usually uses the electric pump to drive the liquid flow, and lifts the elevator by the plunger. The rack and pinion elevator, the guide rail is processed into rack, car is mounted with rack meshing gear, motor drive gear rotation to lift the car. Screw type elevator, the direct push lift plunger is processed into rectangular thread, then the big nut with a thrust bearing is installed on the top of the cylinder, and then through the motor, the nut is rotated by the speed reducer (or belt), so that screw jack up the car to rise or fall. Linear motor driven elevator, its power source is linear motor. In the early days of the elevator, the steam engine and the internal combustion engine are used as the power to drive the elevator directly, and now it has almost disappeared.

3The elevator is classified according to speed. There is no strict speed classification in elevator industry. Our country customarily classified elevator according to the following methods. A low speed elevator, usually the speed is lower than 1.00m/s. Medium speed elevator, often refers to elevator whose speed is 1 ~ 2.00m/s. High speed elevator, its speed is more than 2.00m/s. Ultra high speed elevators ,with speeds over 5.00m/s. With the development of elevator technology, the speed of elevator is higher and higher, and the speed limit of high, medium and low speed elevator is also improved correspondingly.

4The elevator is classified by driver.The elevator with driver, its running mode is manipulated to complete by full-time driver.The elevator without driver, when passengers enter into the elevator car and press floor button on the control panel, the elevator automatically run to the destination floor, the elevator generally has selective and collective function. The elevator with driver and without driver, can change control circuit, usually is manipulated by the passengers, in case of heavy traffic or necessary it is manipulated by the driver.

5According to the operation control mode, handle switch operation. The elevator driver controls the handle switch of the control panel in the car to realize elevator to start up, rise, fall, leveling and stop running status. Button control elevator is simple automatic control elevator, with automatic leveling function and two control methods including outside car button control, inside car button control 

Signal control elevator, this is a higher automatic control degree elevator with driver. In addition to automatic levelling and automatic door opening function, it also has the functions of car order registration, landing calling registration, automatic stop floor, clockwise stop and automatic reversing direction. Selective collective control elevator is a kind of full automatic control elevator which is developed on the basis of signal control. The main difference from signal control is that it can realize no driver control. Parallel control elevator, 2~3 elevator control lines parallel to do the logical control, shared the call button outside landing, the elevator itself has the function of selective collective. The elevator of group control is controlled by microcomputer and unified dispatching multi-sets focused parelleling elevators. Group control, has ladder group intelligent control and ladder group programme control.

6Other classification type, according to machineroom position classification, machineroom is on the top of shaft (upper machineroom), machineroom is at the side of shaft bottom (down machineroom), and machineroom is inside of the shaft (machineroomless). According to the car size classification, "small", "super large" and other abstract vocabulary are often used. In addition, there are double layers car elevators,etc.

7Special elevator, inclined elevator, car runs along the inclined rail in the inclined shaft, is a conveyor combining sightseeing with transportation. Especially, because of the shortage of land and after the house is moved to the mountain area, the inclined elevator develops rapidly. Three dimensional elevator is used in parking lots. Different types of elevators can be chosen according to different parking lots. The construction elevator, adopting gear rack meshing mode (including pin tooth transmission and chain transmission, or use the steel wire rope hoisting), make the cage for vertical or inclined moving machine, is used to transport personnel or materials, mainly is used in construction and maintenance. It can also be used as a long term vertical transport machine for warehouses, wharfs, docks, high towers and high chimneys. The main parameters are rated load and rated speed. Rated load Q (kg) is the load that the elevator is manufactured to base on or the Seller guarantees the load of the normal operation. The rated speed V (m/s) is ths elevator is manufactured and based on it and the seller ensures car speed of the normal movement. With the construction of high-rise buildings, people have to deal with elevators whatever people go to work, go shopping, see a doctor, visit friends and stay at home. The use quantity of elevators is increasing biger and biger and the frequency of use is getting higher and higher. The safety issue of elevators is focused on more and more.