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Electric elevators are confusing. Guangxi plans to enact elevator safety legislation

Jul 17, 2018

Legislation Concerning Elevator Safety

    Guangxi plans to enlighten the elevator safety legislation, and solicits opinions.

    Old district with elevator

    Can test water sharing mode

    In recent years, along with the widespread use and popularization of elevators, elevator safety accidents and trapped people have occurred, which poses a threat to the lives and property of citizens. In this regard, our district plans to enact legislation on elevator safety. At present, the Legal Affairs Office of the Autonomous Region is openly seeking opinions on the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Elevator Safety in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft for Comment").

    1 Avoid “kicking the ball”

    Units that are not clearly responsible may not use

    [Proposed regulation]

    To ensure the safety of the elevator, it is first necessary to clarify the responsible person. The draft for comments has clarified the supervisory duties of quality supervision, housing construction, safety supervision, public security and fire protection departments. In addition, it is stipulated that before the elevator is put into use, the unit shall be clearly used according to the regulations, and elevators that do not explicitly use the unit shall not be put into use.

    Among them, the new installation of the elevator that has not been handed over to the owner, the project construction unit is the user; the elevator managed by the property service enterprise, the property service enterprise is the use unit; the elevator managed by the property owner unit, the property unit is the use unit; The co-owner shall clearly use the unit through a written agreement; the elevators used by the government for public welfare undertakings shall be used by the manager.

    [Reporter survey]

    The reporter learned from the Autonomous Region Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau that at present, the main body of responsibility for elevator management in our district is not very clear. There is a state of relative separation of ownership, use rights and management rights. Once an elevator safety accident occurs, it is easy to push each other and no one cares. .

    In life, some elevators are managed by the developer, some are managed by the community owners themselves, some are managed by the residential property management, and some are commissioned by the elevator maintenance company. In addition, there are also “three no” elevators that “have no property management, no maintenance units, no maintenance funds”.

    2 old district with elevator

    Explore the "shared elevator" construction model

    [Proposed regulation]

    For the old elevators that must be rebuilt, but they are particularly difficult to raise funds, the draft for comment has proposed a new model for investment and construction of “shared elevators”. In new residential quarters, existing multi-storey residential elevators and old elevator renewal projects, real estate development units, elevator manufacturing units, elevator installation units and social organizations are encouraged to explore new business models for investment and management operations.

    [Reporter survey]

    Many old buildings built in the last century did not have elevators, and some elderly people with inconvenient legs and legs were difficult to go up and down. In recent years, the call for installing elevators in the old multi-storey residential buildings in Nanning is high, but because of the high cost of installing elevators, whoever comes out of the required funds has been subject to controversy and concern.

    "For example, in the future, the developer or the elevator company can first install the subsidy. The residents will take the elevator card to take the elevator and pay the elevator fee." For the provisions of the consultation draft, the relevant person in charge of the special equipment department of the Quality Supervision Bureau of the autonomous region introduced Similar attempts have been made in Beijing and Ningbo.

    The reporter checked the information and found that in February this year, the three units of Building No. 10, Liufang Nanli, the old district of Chaoyang District, Beijing, were built in the 1980s, and three elevators were installed in the form of “shared elevators”. The elevator is built and installed by a real estate company, and a rechargeable elevator card is issued to the residents. The residents do not need to pay the elevator maintenance fee or electricity fee. The cost of each elevator ride is 0.3 yuan.

    3 Prevention of accidents

    Proposed implementation of elevator safety liability insurance

    [Proposed regulation]

    The consultation draft proposed to establish an elevator safety liability insurance system. It is proposed to stipulate public schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, stations, airports, passenger terminals, shopping malls, restaurants, stadiums, exhibition halls, parks, hotels, theaters, libraries, children's activity centers, old-age care institutions, pedestrian crossings, crossings, etc. Elevators in gathering places shall be insured for safety liability insurance in accordance with laws, regulations and relevant regulations.

    The draft for comments also encourages the elevator to install a safety monitoring system, establish an elevator operation monitoring information system platform, and network with the remote monitoring system of the maintenance unit to supervise its operation.

    [Reporter survey]

    It is understood that most of the public places in Nanning have implemented the elevator insurance system, but the elevators in residential quarters are mostly in the “zero insurance” state. For elevators used in non-public gathering places such as residential quarters, the draft for solicitation also proposes to implement insurance insurance for insurance.

    What are the benefits of buying insurance for the elevator? According to industry insiders, the role of insurance includes precaution and after-the-fact remedy. In the event of an elevator accident, the insurance company can assume the responsibility for compensation; on the other hand, it will also reduce the pressure on the elevator user and improve the rescue payment for the victim. ability.

    4 emergency rescue

    Rescue calls should be unblocked throughout the day

    [Proposed regulation]

    The consultation draft clearly stipulates that the elevator maintenance and repair unit shall ensure that the elevator emergency rescue telephone responds effectively within 24 hours and make a record.

    After receiving the notification of the failure, the maintenance personnel shall arrive at the scene to implement the rescue in time, and the arrival of the district city shall not exceed 30 minutes, and the other areas shall not exceed one hour.

    [Reporter survey]

    Recently, it has been noticed when the elevator is trapped, and it is very important that emergency rescue is timely.

    According to reports, after the elevators in some communities were trapped, the trapped people pressed the emergency call but no one answered, which made the trapped person vulnerable to panic. In the past, this requirement was already in practice, and it is now more mandatory to write regulations.

    5 Safety assessment

    Use "physical examination" for more than 15 years

    [Proposed regulation]

    The Exposure Draft proposes to establish an old elevator safety assessment system. In any of the following circumstances, the elevator use unit shall entrust the inspection and testing agency to carry out inspection or safety assessment: the service life of the elevator is more than 15 years; the casualties caused by the elevator accident; the fault frequency is high, affecting normal use; Flooding, fire, lightning strikes, earthquakes and other disasters; to achieve the design life or number of times, need to continue to use.

    [Reporter survey]

    At present, the elevator usage, maintenance conditions, and elevator quality of various communities are not the same. In some residential areas, the elevators are “premature and premature”. The property company feels that the maintenance cost is too high. It is better to change one, but some owners think that the property may be tricky, and the elevator can be repaired. Under this disagreement, a fair "judgment" can be made to the elevator through a safety assessment. In addition, for some elevators that have been used for many years, you can also evaluate and decide whether to "decommission".

    "At present, there are nearly 2,000 old elevators in Guangxi with a service life of more than 15 years." The relevant person in charge of the special equipment department of the Autonomous Region Quality Supervision Bureau said that the existing laws and regulations have no mandatory retirement regulations for the service life of the elevator. In the future, if a safety assessment system is established, elevators that can be used after evaluation can continue to be used. For old elevators that cannot be used continuously, consider using foreign experience and adopt “three points” to update and replace. The cost of the elevator is a little out of the government, the user is a little out of the way, and the elevator manufacturing and maintenance unit is a little more favorable.

    [ Know more points ]

    The data shows that in recent years, the number of elevators in Guangxi has increased by 20% every year. Up to now, the use of elevators in our district has exceeded 100,000 units, accounting for 40% of the total number of special equipments in the district. The number of elevators covered by the district has reached more than 12 million, and the average number of rides per person per day has reached more than 6 times.

    Pay attention to the chaos of elevator safety

    The electric car "sit" in the elevator, the elevator advertisement has hidden dangers, and the ultra-high items smash the car ceiling...

    The elevator in the community has many chaos, and the management is in charge.

    On July 11, a residential area in Lexian Road, Jiangnan District, Nanning City, a resident pushed an electric car into the elevator and prepared to go home to charge.

    Some people like to use the elevator to transport electric vehicles upstairs to charge; some households stuff extra long and wide objects into the elevator, even breaking the ceiling; electronic screen advertisements and elevator door advertisements in the elevator are more and more... Recently, in response to the “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Elevator Safety in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)”, the public and industry insiders suggested that these threats to the safety of elevators should be restricted by legislation.

    1 electric elevator, it is irritating

    Mr. Li (pseudonym), who lives in the Evergreen Apple Orchard District of Nanning, told reporters that when he took the elevator recently, a landlord rushed into the elevator on an electric car. Because of the limited space, the owner of the car constantly adjusted the position of the car. The elevator doors and the car were squeaky. At the same time, due to the collision of the electric car, the elevator door was closed for a while, which made him frightened.

    Afterwards, when Mr. Li reported the situation to the relevant departments, he learned that the behavior of electric vehicles entering the elevator was very harmful to the elevator. Although there was no accident at the moment of the impact, the hidden dangers left by it continued to accumulate and eventually caused the elevator to malfunction. However, there are currently no laws and regulations to restrict it.

    The reporter learned that for the behavior of electric vehicles "sitting" the elevator, the residential property is also very difficult: if the electric vehicle is allowed to enter the elevator, other owners have great opinions and think that the property management is not in place; if the electric vehicle is not allowed to enter the elevator, there is no corresponding Legal and legal support.

    2 Dissuasion does not work, no property

    In June last year, in the Nanning City Story Community, the owner spontaneously installed an iron frame in the corner of the elevator, about 30 cubic centimeters in size to prevent the electric car from entering the elevator. The move also attracted controversy, and some people said that there is no legal basis for this practice. The person in charge of the property company said that due to complaints from other owners, the iron frame only "lived" for a few days, they sent people to dismantle.

    In the Jiangnan district of Jiangnan, the owners frequently complained that electric vehicles entered the elevator. At first, the residential property wanted to intercept outside the elevator, but the installed facilities were constantly damaged. They consulted the elevator maintenance department and learned that if the iron frame was installed inside the elevator, it may not pass the annual inspection.

    In this regard, the regulatory authorities are also very helpless. The staff of the relevant departments told the reporter that the electric car entering the elevator will affect the safety of the elevator, but the installation of the iron frame does not meet the technical specifications. "It is easy to stop the iron frame and it is difficult to stop the electric car."

    3 Elevator advertising is more safe and has hidden dangers

    Elevator advertising is an important source of public revenue in the community, and more and more communities in Nanning have installed electronic advertising screens. But few people have noticed that these advertising screens will also threaten the safety of elevators.

    The reporter saw in the Nanning Tianzhu Milan Community that there were actually seven advertisements in the car of an elevator. Among them, three static advertising panels are hung on the wall of the three-sided car, and two electronic screens are constantly playing advertisements. There is also an advertisement on the elevator door, and even the position above the elevator button is not idle. There is also an advertisement hidden under the prompt of the civilized ride. In addition to these advertisements, the car is also marked with a notice of the property. “As soon as I entered the elevator, I was overwhelmed by various advertisements,” said one owner of the district.

    A staff member of the regulatory department who did not want to be named told reporters that the electronic screen needs to be wired, which is a hidden danger. There have been accidents in the field that caused the elevator to catch fire due to line failure.

    In addition to electronic screen advertising, it is not safe to advertise on the elevator door, because the posted advertisement is likely to cause the elevator door to be stuck in the wall. The reporter was informed that a community committee in Nanning was good at business and once posted an advertisement on the elevator door. Later, the owner raised the objection and canceled it.

    4 long pole into the elevator

    In the elevator, there are generally words such as “loading 1000 kg” and “loading 13 people”, but there is no relevant regulation on the length and width of the loaded items.

    The person in charge of an elevator maintenance company in Nanning said that in the many communities where they were maintained, after the renovation phase, the elevator entered the peak period of failure, because many super-long materials and furniture were hard-plugged into the elevator. On one occasion, a resident broke the ceiling of the elevator in order to place a long pole. The person in charge said that this kind of behavior is very dangerous. There are many power supply devices, exhaust fans, etc. in the upper part of the car. Once the electric shock is hit, the consequences are unimaginable.

    The person in charge said that the ultra-high and long items entering the elevator is not a case, especially in the decoration stage, the elevator is "supported" and the situation is more and more, and it is hoped that it can be stopped by legislation.

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