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Dry goods: visual management of elevator standard model room

Jan 09, 2019


                                                       Maintenance information board

The maintenance information board is made according to the company's unified template. The material is PVC and the insert cover is made of plexiglass.

The kanban should be posted in the eye-catching position of the machine room. It is recommended to set it on the left wall of the machine room on the left hand side. The left side is the information of the 2 maintenance personnel responsible for the elevator, including name, employee number, contact information, 24-hour maintenance hotline and slogan: Professional service, dedicated service; on the right is the annual maintenance work plan, A3 paper size, record the maintenance of each employee.

                                                         Construction site

The construction site is made according to the company's unified template, the material is PVC, and the insert cover is made of plexiglass.

The elevator rescue instructions are posted in the construction board, and it is required to be set on the blank wall of the left side of the host.

                                                            Computer room floor

Type: Epoxy floor paint Color: Bright type, light gray Function: non-slip, oil resistant, pressure resistant, dustproof, permanent.

                                                         Machine room trunking

Requirement: You can purchase the ready-made glue, with signal mark paste or on-site brush, and the relevant safety mark is required on the wire trough.

Note: If you choose to paint on site, it is recommended to use yellow to make the base color, and then measure the spacing to paint the slash with black paint. Do not use black to make the bottom, which will cause yellow to cover the black paint.

                                                            Computer room security logo

Requirements: All safety and safety warning labels must be posted on all blocks that are dangerous and necessary for safety.

                                                 Wheel wheel and loose brake device

The disc wheel and the loose brake device are required to be placed on the right side of the main unit, and the upper end of the font is kept at the same horizontal line or within 2 cm from the top of the main unit.

The word on the disc wheel and the loose brake device is required to be centered, and it needs to be painted with paint. It is not allowed to write by hand or marker. The font color is red, and the font size is black.

                                                             working area

The working area should be clearly set in front of the control cabinet. The working area should be pasted with yellow tape or painted.

hook up

The fonts in this place need to be painted with paint. It is forbidden to use handwriting. The font color is red. The font size is black body No. 36.

The hooks need to be painted yellow in paint.

                                                        Fire extinguishing equipment

Two 4KG dry powder fire extinguishers should be placed in the equipment room, placed in the most accessible place, and checked and registered monthly.

                                                   Anti-collision angle and wire rope hole

The corner of the collision should be painted with a yellow mark to prevent collision;

The wire rope holes need to be painted yellow to warn of debris falling into the hoistway.

                                                      Flat zone identification

                          The font here is painted in black body 32, red paint

                                                          Entrance room stairs

The bottom color of the stairs is all black, and the side of the pedal is painted yellow to remind you to prevent tripping.

                                                                   Color system

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