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Division of large, medium and small workers in elevator installation

Nov 22, 2018

In the QQ group, the WeChat group can see the elevator installation team recruiting workers everywhere. As for the positioning of the large-scale workers, there is no obvious division. The following is a senior elevator installer's understanding.


Small work:

Also known as apprenticeship, I don't know what to do when I go to work. When someone asks me to do it, I will do it. I can recognize ordinary tools and elevator parts. There are people in the team. Generally, the dry work is a chores and a low-tech work. Apprenticeship is learning!

Wages are generally below 150 (except for local bosses).



The main force of the elevator installation, know what they will do, the installation of the work, should take a small worker can win. For example, mainframe, rails, doors, ropes, payoffs, etc.

Installation is important in the middle school. If there are several competent middle-level workers in a team, the effective wages are generally 150 to 240 (the consumption level is different everywhere, except for the local boss).


Big work:

Know what you will do, know what others will do, and know their speed and level. . Responsible, the work of the middle-class workers not only must, but also must be skilled. ensure quality. Can solve all the incurable diseases that occur during the installation process. Understand the acceptance and factory inspection process, and the unqualified place after inspection can be accurately solved. Wages (a real big day wage is at least 240 or more. If there is no 240, huh...)


Take the class (foreman):

The first is a qualified workman to solve the problems of installation, in order to reasonably allocate the work of each person every day, to be able to bring the captain (boss) to complete the task with quality and quantity. Have certain communication skills, and be able to communicate with the outside world (Party A, company, special inspection office, etc.) at a critical moment. It is hard to say that wages are high or low. . . .


Captain (boss):

I won't say it, I will fix it.

No one gave him a salary. The installation fee minus the cost of the worker minus the salary of the worker is the salary of the captain [I understand it, and it does.]).


PS: Between two types of work, we used to call him super. Such as super small workers, super middlemen, super big work.

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