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Design requirements for elevator power distribution

Jan 21, 2019

The primary basis for elevator power distribution design should be the elevator manufacturer sample, or refer to the industrial and civil power distribution design manual. The elevator power distribution manual is also described in detail, mainly referring to the following points...

    1. The elevator load grading should conform to the specification, and it is judged whether it belongs to the primary load or the secondary load according to the specification.

    2. Separate isolation and protection appliances should be installed in each elevator.

    3. The lighting and ventilation in the elevator car and the power socket of the elevator car and the power cord of the alarm device need to be provided with separate electrical appliances and protective appliances. The power supply can be obtained from the main power switch of the elevator.

    4, the machine room with multiple loops into the line, each circuit should be provided with isolation appliances.

    5. The power distribution box should be located in the equipment room for maintenance and operation, and the backup power supply should be set in the box.

    6. The lighting and socket lines of the elevator machine room and pulley room, elevator shaft and pit shall be distributed separately from the elevator.

    7. It is recommended in the drawings that the load must be confirmed by the elevator manufacturer to meet the equipment requirements before construction.

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