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Description of the commonly used MODE button of Yongda Elevator

Nov 20, 2018

MODE 2 fault code query and clear fault:

Pressing MODE on the operator will display: MODE 02. At this time, press ENTER to enter the fault code reading and fault clearing. TCD indicates that the fault code TIME indicates the number of times the fault occurred, and the fault history is checked by ↑ until the operation is performed. When the TCD displays 99, it corresponds to the final fault code of the elevator. After pressing ESC twice to clear the elevator fault, such as elevator troubleshooting, the elevator can be restored by this button. If the fault is not eliminated, the fault cannot be cleared.

MODE 3 elevator main board slow function:

This function is set in Yongda's motherboard program. If the Evergrande motherboard program is open to this function, press MODE on the operator first, change 02 on the motherboard to 03 and press ENTER. Use the up and down arrows to control the overhaul. And the slow train goes down.

MODE 4 The lowest order is called the car:

The elevator is in the normal state, and is no longer the lowest order. It is changed to 04 ENTER by MODE 02 to call the car at the bottom.

MODE 5 intermediate order called the car principle is the same as above

MODE 7 The highest order is called the same principle.

MODE 11 step height measurement:

First of all, to ensure that the elevator is in a normal state, and the car has hit the DLS (lower limit) switch in the pit, the 1.4 of the SW1 switch on the main board is turned ON, (we generally dial all), and then change the MODE 02 to 11 Press and hold ENTER, wait for the elevator to open and close the door, and then automatically slow down, you can let go, wait for the elevator to reach the highest level and stop. At this time, the main board will display WRITING English. After 3 seconds, the main board will return to normal, the elevator has nothing. High success, if the elevator slow down automatically, or without WRITING, it means that the measurement is not successful.

MODE 22 main CPU parameter query:

MODE 27 elevator speed inquiry:

MODE 28 elevator current load query;

MODE 33 sub CPU parameter query and change

MODE 34 No load 0% setting

First, ensure that there are no personnel in the elevator, then take the emergency stop switch on the control cabinet and take the SW1 switch on the main board to the right. Press MODE 34 ENTER. The main board displays PASS, indicating that the control setting is successful, and vice versa.

MODE 35 full load 100% setting

First, ensure that there are no people in the elevator, then take the emergency stop switch on the control cabinet, turn all the SW1 switches on the main board to the right, and load the elevator load to the specified value. Then MODE 35 ENTER on the main board, the main board displays PASS, indicating the setting. Success, and vice versa.

MODE 50 elevator status inquiry

03 Emergency stop status 04 Elevator maintenance status 06 Seismic control 08 Rescue operation 09 End point correction 0A Step height measurement 0F Fire operation 1A Fire 22 Elevator outside call lock ladder 24 Dedicated Inspection status

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