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Demystifying the elevator industry insider: Hit the elevator safety truth!

Mar 26, 2018

Elevators are the most important facilities and facilities in the construction of a variety of property facilities. They play an increasingly important role in the lives of owners and residents. In recent years, with the frequent use of elevators and various problems in management, elevator accidents have occurred frequently, which has also sounded alarm bells for elevator manufacturers, elevator maintainers and daily elevator managers. Then we should pay attention to and prevent elevator accidents from those aspects? Siglein Elevator takes everyone's insight into the elevator industry!

Where is the safety of the elevator hidden?

As an indispensable transportation tool in high-rise buildings, elevators have attracted increasing attention for their stability and safety. For high-rise buildings, the configuration and selection of elevators directly relates to whether the entire building structure is used rationally. When high-rise buildings are selected for elevators, what aspects should they consider to meet the actual needs of high-rise buildings?

    The first is speed. High-rise buildings tend to reach altitudes of 200 meters, 300 meters or more. The choice of high-speed elevators facilitates rapid transportation of personnel during certain peak hours. For example, a direct-viewing elevator, with a speed of 8m/s, can quickly send passengers to the 72th floor (59th floor of the actual floor). Basically, it takes more than 40 seconds to reach the desired floor, even if there are many visitors. Will delay passengers' time. For example, a fire elevator with a speed of 7m/s can ensure that firefighters can reach any floor from the negative 4 floors within 2 minutes, providing very favorable conditions for firefighting work. Passenger elevators usually take the elevator to the floor where they are located, and control within 5 minutes is more appropriate.

The second is the size and number of elevators. The size of the elevator car and the number of elevators need to be reasonably matched. The use of elevators with large cars (ie, passenger cars with large load) can reduce the number of elevators and save construction area and elevator cost. However, the average time between them increases and maintenance is inconvenient; while the use of small elevator cars is small. Although many elevators occupy a large construction area and the cost of elevators is large, the transmission capacity is greatly improved, the average time between flights is shortened, and elevator maintenance does not affect the normal use of passengers. It is recommended to select an elevator with a load of 1 ton for elevators. The number of elevators is better. The number of elevators required for a general office building is approximately 0.3--0.5 units per 100 people, and 0.5 is preferred.

The third is that different types of elevators have different requirements. Passenger elevators require speed and quantity, but for freight elevators, we find that the frequency of use of freight elevators far exceeds the number of passenger elevators in the operation. It is not only used by property management personnel during the day for cleaning, inspection, and garbage collection. At night, it is used as a moving or transportation material. The quality and management of freight elevators are also very critical. For the selection of freight elevators, we must choose the first-line brands in the market, good reputation, durable and quality goods lifts.

Fourth, after-sale service. Building a building may only take a year or two. However, the use of the building takes a few decades, and the lift has to be used for a long period of time. Elevator maintenance work has been closely linked with property management work since the building was delivered. An elevator maintenance unit that can satisfy the owner with a service will bring great benefits to the property management work.

How to prevent the safety of the elevator?

     Elevator failure refers to the phenomenon that the elevator mechanical parts or components in the electrical control system are abnormal, resulting in the elevator can not work properly or seriously affect the ride comfort, and even cause personal injury or equipment accidents. Then, in the daily use of residential elevators (vertical elevators), what common elevator faults should be prevented?

     In the daily use of residential elevators, the main causes of failure are:

     1. The improper use of equipment by elevator users (such as residential properties)

     2. Improper use of passenger lifts

     3, maintenance unit maintenance is not in place

     4, aging elevator parts

     5, external reasons (such as power supply problems: residential residential power supply voltage instability or power outage)

In addition, there are special reasons for attention:

    Failures caused by the elevator door system: If the door is blocked due to household garbage or decoration waste, the elevator door is blocked; the door is deformed due to rough handling, causing elevator failure; blocking the door closing time is too long to cause elevator protection and the elevator door lock is inflexible.

    Failure due to maintenance failure: Part of the elevator's safety protection switch action, such as the speed limiter switch malfunction; speed limiter tensioner switch action; buffer electrical switch action; aging electrical components are not checked and so on.

    Faults caused by the aging of elevator components: The inverter protection of the elevator, and the aging of the electrical components (contactors, relays, drive devices, control boards) cause elevator failures.

    In the daily management process, we must do a good job of civilized and standardized use of the publicity and management of elevators. In particular, we must strengthen the management of the decoration team during the decoration period of the rooms and do a good job of daily elevator safety inspections. We should do a good job in maintaining the maintenance of the maintenance units. Confirmation of work, selection of high-quality maintenance units; for old elevators should be a good budget for elevator maintenance, replacement of parts that exceed the service life should be promptly replaced

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