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Composition of the panoramic elevator

Dec 29, 2016

Sightseeing lift a car, running between at least two column vertical rigid guide rail. Car size and structure facilitate passenger accessibility, loading or unloading of cargo. Used regardless of their drive way, Elevator buildings vertical transportation in General. According to the rated speed and can be divided into low speed lift (1 m/s), fast elevators (1~2 m/s) and high speed elevator (more than 2 m/s) 3. Mid 19th century hydraulic elevator is still applied in low-rise buildings. In 1852, the United States E.G. Otis developed the security of wire rope hoist lifts. 80, and drive further improvements, such as motor through worm-drive driven winding reels, balance weight. The end of 19th century, using a friction wheel drive, greatly increasing the lifting height of the lift.

Modern elevators main tractor (winch), rail, heavy equipment, safety devices (such as speed limits, safety gear and buffers), signal control systems, car and hoistway doors and so on. These sections were installed in the shaft of the building and rooms. Wire rope is usually used friction drive, the wire rope around the sheave, respectively connected car and counterweight, motor sheave to the elevator lift. Lifts require secure, reliable, high conveying efficiency, accurate leveling and ride comfort, etc. Basic parameters of rated load in the lift, and take a number, rated speed, shaft and cabin overall dimension type, and so on.

Traction system including traction motors, traction sheave, gearbox, brakes, traction machine base, manual wheel, and so on. Traction sheave mounted on the bearing beam. Elevator traction drive is the elevator, with the bearing beam through the traction sheave, reciprocating movement of all components shall bear all load (dynamic and static load), load-bearing beams the use of I-steel structure.

Suspension compensation system by the towline, car and counterweight structure, composed of compensation rope tensioner. Car and body parts the weight of elevator vertical operation, elevator is a passenger and cargo box container.