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Community elevators over the warranty maintenance costs who pay?

Mar 29, 2018

by law

    The elevator in the community belongs to the common part of the building and its ownership belongs to all owners. According to the relevant provisions of the “Property Management Regulations” and other related laws and regulations, the owner shall pay special maintenance funds for the maintenance and renewal and reconstruction of common parts and shared facilities after the property warranty period expires. According to Article 79 of the Property Rights Law, “Maintenance funds for buildings and their ancillary facilities are owned by the owners and, when jointly decided by the owners, can be used for the maintenance of common parts such as elevators, water tanks, etc. The financing and use of maintenance funds should be "Promulgation" provisions, residential elevator maintenance costs can be paid from the owner to pay special maintenance funds, property management companies do not bear the costs.

    Maintenance question and answer

    1. How to implement the national standards of the elevator quality assurance?

    Article 11 of the Construction Regulations (1995) No. 167 of the Ministry of Construction promulgated by the Ministry of Construction in the Implementation Regulations of the Interim Provisions on Strengthening the Management of Elevators. The warranty period for newly installed elevators shall be guaranteed by the elevator manufacturer from the date of acceptance. Years, but not more than 18 months after delivery. Because of the damage caused by improper use of the elevator use unit management, the elevator use unit is responsible, and the production company can repair it for a fee.

    2. What should I do if the elevator fails after the warranty period?

    After the elevator has passed the warranty period and there is a fault requiring repairs and replacements, it can apply for maintenance funds from the housing department. Because the elevator belongs to community facilities. According to the “Management Measures for Special Maintenance Funds for Housing”, the application for maintenance funds must be approved by the owner who owns more than two-thirds of the total area of the building and the owner accounts for more than two-thirds of the total.

    3. Does the property fee charged by the property to the high-level owner does not include the use and maintenance costs of the elevator?

    The property fees charged by the property to the high-level owners include the cost of maintaining the daily maintenance of the maintenance company, as well as the electricity fee for the normal operation of the elevator, and the annual inspection fee. According to regulations, the cost of maintenance, renewal, and renovation of elevators is not included in the property fee.

    Elevator protection knowledge

    In addition to the need to do a good job of management and maintenance of the elevator, in fact, the user should also develop good habits to avoid improper operation and violent use of the elevator, so as to reduce frequent elevator failures and extend the service life of the elevator.

    Elevator afraid of water

    At the top of the elevator car, under the car, under the sill of the landing door, there are many mechanical components and electrical components. Dirty water or other liquids flow into these places, which may cause rust on the components and even cause installation. Electrical components in these places fail.

    In addition, many wires and circuit boards are also arranged on the car and the landing door. The influx of water will cause the insulation of the electrical appliances and wires to be reduced and leakage will occur. This kind of elevator is very dangerous when it is put into operation, and it may cause electric shock to passengers. ACCIDENT. Leakage may also cause more serious damage to the elevator control system.

    Elevator afraid to hit

    Often people waited for the lift to be impatient and rushed into the elevator, not knowing that doing so would damage the lift very much.

    After the elevator hall door is impacted, it may cause deformation or deformation of the pulley block or dislocation of the cantilevered door. These will lead to the elevator can not smoothly open and close the door, the elevator will not run without closing the door, so it is also broken. If the impact of the car is large, it will lead to misalignment of the elevator guide shoe, which is a serious problem. The guide shoe and the safety gear must be adjusted before being put into use.

    Elevator afraid of garbage

    Garbage is not only unsanitary for elevators, but it also affects operation and safety. The internal structure of the passenger elevator is precise (internal dimension clearance is 5-10 mm, and the maximum operating clearance is only 25 mm). If there are plastic bags, wooden strips, straps, etc., which fall into the elevator doorway and the interior of the elevator, it is very easy to cause a stall failure.

    Elevator is afraid of high temperature

    If there is no effective cooling measures during the high temperature season in summer, the maximum temperature in the equipment room can reach more than 70°C. In this case, the elevator will enter a thermal protection state and automatically stop running.

    In addition, most of the domestic elevators are ordinary elevators, do not have a fire protection function, there are a large number of wires and electronic and electrical components inside the elevator shaft and the car, so they are still afraid of fire.

    The elevator is also alive. I hope everyone will learn to love the elevator. It's okay for you!

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