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Communication skills for property elevator maintenance

Nov 05, 2018

Whether the elevator operation of a building is comfortable and normal is a large part of the level of equipment management in the building. As a special kind of equipment, the elevator is generally maintained by a professional elevator maintenance company. However, the quality of the elevator is directly responsible to the owner of the property company. The elevator company management personnel of the property company are responsible for ensuring the normal operation of the elevator. Then, as an elevator equipment manager, how should we grasp the entry point of elevator maintenance management and improve our business level? Today, I will share with you the following points:

First, treat each other with sincerity and participate together

Many property company managers have such a view: the elevators under the property have signed a maintenance contract with the elevator maintenance company, and any problems involving the elevators are problems of the elevator maintenance company, and the maintenance company of the elevator company of the property company The responsibility is to promptly notify the elevator maintenance company when there is a problem with the elevator. There are also a few property companies that believe that the elevator maintenance company and the property company are subordinate, and the work of the elevator maintenance company should be subject to the property company. These incorrect views will directly or indirectly affect the relationship between the elevator company management personnel of the property company and the maintenance personnel of the elevator company.

Regardless of whether it is a property elevator management personnel or a maintenance personnel, both parties should uphold the spirit of treating each other with sincerity and participation, confirming their respective positions in elevator maintenance and daily management, mutual respect, consistent goals, and no wrestling. Work together to ensure that the elevator is operating normally.

Second, make plans, and target

The elevator maintenance company has its own elevator maintenance operation process and corresponding operation report (work order). Since the operation process is common to all elevator customers, it is not universal, but the maintenance of specific elevators is not targeted. Then, in order to ensure the quality of elevator maintenance work, it is necessary to prepare the daily inspection table and maintenance plan and operation table of the elevator of the maintenance department of the property company.

In the daily inspection form, the property should require the elevator maintenance management personnel to strengthen the supervision of the elevator facilities, and adopt the method of “looking, smelling, asking, listening” to understand the running quality of the elevator in real time. "Wang" means that the equipment in the elevator engine room, car and other parts is abnormally judged by the naked eye; "smell" means confirming whether there is any odor in key equipment and key parts (especially electrical equipment); "Q" is to understand the passengers on board. Feeling; "listening" is to feel the presence of abnormal noise in the engine room or when taking the elevator. It is found that there are abnormal sounds, abnormal sounds, odors and abnormal situations reflected by the passengers on the elevator. The elevator management personnel must promptly determine the nature of the situation, make relevant records, and decide whether to take the stop and notify the elevator maintenance personnel according to the nature. .

In terms of maintenance plans and work schedules, first of all, we should refer to the relevant information of elevator maintenance and communicate closely with the maintenance company to formulate the medium and long-term maintenance plan for the elevator according to the specific conditions of the elevator. The second is to summarize the problems listed in the daily inspection table of the elevator, and put them into the elevator operation table according to the priority, so as to put forward specific requirements for the maintenance activities of the elevator maintenance company. In this way, the daily maintenance activities of the maintenance company are fully integrated into the control of the property company, so that the goal is clear and targeted.

Third, continuous learning, well-being

Continuously learning and mastering the relevant professional knowledge of elevator maintenance is the basis for doing a good job in elevator maintenance management. Only by knowing the operating principle of elevators and the characteristics of maintenance technology, elevator maintenance managers can really do the elevators. Maintenance management work, to be confident.

Elevator maintenance management personnel should focus on three aspects: learning and understanding of elevator related knowledge: 1. Master elevator operation principle and system classification. Mastering the operation principle of the elevator will form a “living” elevator in the mind of the maintenance manager, so that the elevator maintenance manager can distinguish the problem in the first time when the elevator fails. Mastering the system classification of the elevator can help the elevator maintenance personnel to identify the fault range. 2. Understand the routine maintenance contents of elevators and the conventional treatment methods for common faults. As a common technology, the elevator is a mature and special equipment. Its maintenance and maintenance also have rules to follow. Understand and be familiar with the relevant knowledge, in order to control the direction and progress of the elevator maintenance, so that I can do it. 3. Have a certain understanding of specific components and components. The elevator contains some unique components and components, such as traction machines, quick-disconnect switches, safety gears, rotary encoders and so on. The specific parts and components are in a certain position of the elevator, which plays an important role. It is the necessary guarantee for the normal operation of the elevator. It has certain knowledge of specific components and components, so that it can highlight the key points in the maintenance management of the elevator and grasp the center of gravity. .

Fourth, pay close attention to the key points of maintenance and maintenance

The maintenance personnel of the elevator company and the equipment management personnel of the property company represent the interests of their respective companies. In the elevator maintenance operation, it is inevitable that the interests of the company conflict with each other. At the same time, the maintenance personnel are not well-balanced, and the service capability of individual maintenance personnel cannot be excluded. Poor and poor professional ethics. Therefore, under the premise of respecting the professional ethics and professionalism of the maintenance personnel, it is particularly important to focus on the maintenance focus, especially the key station and key station management.

Five, pay attention to details, rich in creation

For example, in the process of handling elevator maintenance, a property company has had such a problem: the light curtain switch protection diaphragm of several elevator car doors is loose, and the small vibrations are always emitted during the elevator operation. How to solve it? The maintenance company proposed to replace the diaphragm, but there is no other problem that affects the use except that the gap between the diaphragm and the diaphragm frame is too large, and the reason for the replacement is obviously insufficient. Can using glass glue to solve this problem? However, it cannot be ensured that the glass glue does not corrode the film and does not affect the infrared radiation. After many discussions between the two sides, the last property owner boldly proposed to use cooked glutinous rice to bond. There are two reasons: 1. The cooked glutinous rice is not corrosive; 2. The cooked glutinous rice is easy to remove in the maintenance of the light curtain. This bold and creative method was finally proven to work well, and it solved the vibration of the diaphragm of the film in a certain period of time, and it can be used repeatedly.

6. Know yourself and know each other.

In the interaction with the elevator maintenance company, because the interests of the two parties are inconsistent, the contradictions are inevitable, and even the "short soldiers" are connected. At this time, the familiarity with the equipment and the understanding of the maintenance process are the two sides that decide whether to win or lose. The essential.

For example, an elevator elevator company had an initial offer of more than 31,000 yuan. The property is unacceptable for this quotation, so immediately research and judge the nature, scope and quantity of this so-called "engineering". Since the property elevator maintenance management personnel are quite familiar with the elevator equipment, the process involved in the work is quite well understood, and the engineering quantity is determined to include only certain changes in the setting value of the elevator layer display program and some inner layer diaphragms. The replacement can be completed in two days. In the follow-up negotiations, the property was convenient to fully grasp the initiative. After many negotiations, the other party finally had to rely on “intellectual property rights” as the basis for the cost of the transformation, and the final contract price was 12,000 yuan. Therefore, property personnel also need to have an in-depth understanding of the elevator maintenance process.

As an extremely important part of property equipment management, property elevator equipment management requires long-term continuous exploration and practice of real estate equipment management personnel, improve professional knowledge, and communicate with elevator company maintenance personnel. At the same time, there are a wide variety of special equipment in property equipment, and it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance management of elevator special equipment. It is believed that it will also bring useful enlightenment and help to the maintenance of other special equipment maintenance.

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