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Chinese real estate is still favored Chinese group is the investment leader

Jan 02, 2019

According to Australian New Express, the Asian Unlisted Real Estate Investment Association announced its third global investment intention survey on January 13. According to the survey, global real estate investment will not weaken in 2016, and investors will re-interest in the first-tier urban office market in China.

According to the 2016 Investment Intention Survey, global investors will invest about US$57.9 billion in global real estate this year, which is equivalent to 2015. More than half of the association's respondents said they will increase their real estate investment in the next two years, and Europe will be the investment of choice, followed by the US and Asia Pacific. In the Asia Pacific region, Sydney and Melbourne are hot spots for real estate investment, in addition to Tokyo. According to the survey, “Tokyo’s office market is the most attractive investment portfolio this year, followed by China’s first-tier cities and Sydney office buildings. Interestingly, investment in office buildings in China’s first-tier cities rose from eighth place in 2015. To the second place this year, 37% of investors like this combination."

The director of research and professional standards at the Asia Unlisted Real Estate Investment Association said: “The mature markets in the region continue to attract the interest of most investors. Although there are some concerns about China, it is surprising that investors in 2016 are in first-tier cities in China. The office market has regained interest."

"We expect all of China's international real estate investment to be 220 billion yuan in 2020, which is not limited to residential real estate, which is more than three times more than the $52 billion in 2014," said Xi Ming, co-founder of the overseas Chinese website. ."

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