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Can the large ladder speed high-power mainframe be used as a small ladder speed host?

Nov 16, 2018

Can be used! However, generally do not do this because the large ladder speed and high power traction machine and inverter are much more expensive than the low power! Now manufacturers are reducing costs! Definitely not so matched!

1 It seems that there is a technology in Mitsubishi now. If the rated speed of the elevator is 2 meters, the elevator runs on a single floor or this short distance runs a normal ladder! If you run the whole or long distance, the speed of the elevator can run to 2.5 meters per second! (Just heard that there is, the real has not seen it before)

2 Mainly in the motor parameter setting 1 meter and 1.5 motor rated speed is definitely not the same! There is also a speed loop setting for the control system. You can set the rated speed to 1.5 meters and the speed loop is set to 0.67! : H" [0 a; k( K) Z

3 If you are so equipped, personally feel that the host has no effect, but the inverter is definitely affected! Small horse-drawn cart!

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