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Calling radiation in elevators and subways will be dozens of times higher

Jun 19, 2018

Elevators have taken an increasingly important position in our lives, but are you really familiar with elevators?

     01 mug, iron spoon can stop the elevator? Yes!

     The security system of the elevator door has two protection devices, one is a light curtain and the other is a security touch panel. They are induction devices for elevators.

     The reason why the elevator is forced to stop is also very simple. Just as there is a blind spot in our sight, there is a blind zone in the sensing device.

The position of the elevator up and down 10 centimeters is the blind spot of the light curtain. The elevator door is also insensitive to obstructions less than 10 centimeters in length such as coins and iron scoops, as well as oversized objects such as dog leashes.

     Once the elevator starts to run, obstacles will run along with the elevator door and jam will result in the elevator going out of service.

     What exactly does the light curtain and security touch panel mean?

     The light curtain is an induction device of the elevator, and it seems to be distributed between the elevator doors (as shown in the figure below). When an object is sensed by the light curtain, the elevator door will open and will not close.

The function of the safety touch panel is that when we touch the sides of the elevator door, the door will open.

     02 Calling radiation in an elevator can be dozens of times higher!

     It sounds exaggerated, but it is true!

     The radiation of the mobile phone is related to the power. The weaker the signal, the greater the power and the greater the radiation generated. When we are in a relatively closed environment, the cell phone signal will become weaker, resulting in greater radiation.

So how much is this radiation bigger than the radiation in the normal environment?

     In theory, when the elevator is in operation, the radiation value can be up to 100 times.

So everyone can have a long snack, and don't call in the elevator anymore. Let's make a quiet little fairy together!

     03 Do you know the correct posture of the elevator?

     How did you wait for the lift for so many years?

     Rely on the door? Eat melon and so on? Shaking legs and so on? Brush phone, etc.?

The correct waiting elevator position should be: Leave a safety distance of more than half a meter from the elevator door, and confirm that the elevator arrives before entering!

Do not rely on the elevator door or kick the elevator door. It may cause the elevator to malfunction or even cause an accident. Because elevator doors do not have a strong impact design, some older elevator doors are likely to become loose, causing accidents.

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