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Basic requirements for high-end office elevators

Sep 19, 2018

What kind of elevator system should a high-end office building be equipped with? As an integral part of the office building, the elevator's superior performance and quality have deeply affected the customer and directly reflected the quality of the project.

    1, the car decoration should choose lightweight materials to reduce the starting current of the elevator motor, to achieve energy saving and extend the life of the equipment.

    2. Elevators using AC motors should pay special attention to the stability and leveling control of inverter control, especially super high-rise buildings.

    3. Each floor should be equipped with an elevator running display, so that the passengers can understand the running condition of the elevator and reduce the psychological anxiety.

    4. An independent air conditioner should be installed in the elevator car to improve the car environment.

    5. The temperature and humidity control of the elevator engine room must be included in the design range, and must meet the requirements of the elevator manufacturer. It is recommended to install independent air conditioners as much as possible.

    6. The elevator control should be set to cancel the layer selection function, so as to cancel the elevator selection when the wrong or malicious manufacturing is not normal, to ensure that the elevator operation efficiency is not affected.

    7. Elevator group control should consider that in the special case, only one elevator is running (for example, at night), it can automatically switch to single control mode to ensure system stability and improve efficiency.

    8. In the warranty terms, the warranty period should not only fulfill the warranty responsibility, but also sign the maintenance responsibility, and the bidder should be required to provide the annual maintenance cost (full warranty and standard warranty) and spare parts for the next three years after the warranty period. Unit price (in the case of standard warranty).

    9. In the super high-rise building, since the car sway is within a certain allowable range, the car sway control safety device should consider not causing the elevator to stop when the car sways, and can decelerate the elevator at this time. The average waiting time of the elevator should not exceed 30 seconds. The 5 minute carrying capacity of the elevator system should not be lower than 12.5%. 11. All elevator shafts should pay attention to the design of airflow organization in the shaft to avoid the impact of airflow noise on the customers in the office.

    12. All direct lifts should have manual control function, automatic leveling function and manual leveling function.

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