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Basic knowledge of elevator decoration

Nov 15, 2018

The material is mainly divided into metal, wood, glass and artificial materials.

Metal material: mainly based on stainless steel plate, used for car wall, car door, hall door, and door frame decoration. According to the degree of luxury, there are hairline plates, mirror panels, mirror-etched plates, titanium plates, gold-plated plates, and so on.

Wood material: mainly used for the decoration of car wall, ceiling frame and floor. There are many kinds of wooden materials for car wall decoration, such as red peony, white peony, garnish, black walnut and even mahogany. Applicable to places with high requirements such as star-rated hotels. The wooden material used for the ceiling should be coordinated with the car. The floor is made of wooden floor. The use of wooden materials for car decoration requires fire treatment and meets fire acceptance standards.

Glass: Includes glass and mirror for car wall decoration. If mirror stainless steel is used, no mirror is needed.

Man-made materials: mainly refers to man-made materials such as light-transmissive plates and light-transmissive columns used for ceilings. The ceiling is also divided into various grades to match the different car decorations. There are also many artificial materials for the car armrests. Of course there are also metal and wood materials.

Area measurement problem: the user adopts the inner size of the elevator car, width, depth and height; the size of the door frame is wide and high. If the car is not a regular rectangle, draw a picture and measure the corners accurately. The door trim is to measure the width and height of the door leaf. With these dimensions, the factory can process the corresponding product.

As for the quotation: generally according to user requirements, itemized quotation, such as how much the car, how much money. Each company that produces and decorates has its own price positioning. If you are acting as an agent, you can add your own profits.

Another point, you need to pay attention: the elevator will change the balance factor of the elevator after renovation. If the user newly purchased the elevator, the elevator manufacturer should be informed of the weight of the decoration. If it is being renovated with an elevator, it needs to be adjusted by the elevator commissioning staff.

Basic knowledge of elevator decoration

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