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Are some elevator failures really unexplained?

Dec 12, 2018

I often see netizens on the Internet saying that the elevator is very strange and it is inexplicable. Inexplicably broken, and later it was inexplicable. For the day before yesterday, I also had a dispute with a certain manufacturer.

In fact, I think this is the case. Now that the technology has developed, after the computer control, the manufacturer will generally summarize the fault code and provide some guidance for everyone to repair the elevator. But everyone must understand that even if it is a manufacturer, it will not be able to sum up all the faults. He just provides a way of thinking, pointing out the general direction, what is the reason, we need our actual operators to summarize.

      And we are in the first line, generally young men who are not engaged in time, especially the local elevator company, because the elevators in the hands are very mixed, and most of them have not been trained in the basic theory of the factory. They all came from the teacher and fumbled with themselves. For example, the A switch action, reported E28 failure, he remembered the mechanical, the next B action, also reported 28 failure, his first reaction is to check A, and later found B is a problem, he is very strange. I have been engaged in elevators for more than 20 years. From the earliest relay elevators to the present, this is also the case at first. Even the masters are not very professional. To be honest, including our group of so-called masters who have been called masters by others, some are also Two knives. why? Are wild roads, huh, huh

      I found a problem. The young masters don't like to look at the drawings. When they check the faults, they even ask questions. Generally, they like to let the master directly tell you where the fault is, and directly deal with it, instead of actively thinking. Why is this happening, and the things related to him are broken, will it be like this? How can I judge this situation and how can I check it? In fact, I think that dry elevators, like other industries, need to be bold and good at learning and good at summing up.

The young masters often complain that the dirty work is letting us do it, but the high salary is the master. They never thought that they would have to go to the elevator one morning, one day, or even a few days. An experienced master may be able to get it in 10 minutes and half an hour. After you came out, you didn't understand it. Ask the master. The master is not willing to tell you. I don't know, it's inexplicable. Then I planted an inexplicable impression in your mind. In fact, everything has a beginning, and the electrical equipment of our elevators is not a high-tech product among many mechanical and electrical products. All problem faults have a relatively reasonable explanation and cannot be explained because we did not realize it.

If you are an elevator company owner, what kind of employees do you like? Unique, efficient, high technology, good business, loyal to the boss, yes, these are options. The boss is the first choice to make money, high technology and high efficiency. Young masters need to keep learning and learn with humility when they are getting a high salary. When you stand on the mountain, others will look up to you naturally. No problem can be dealt with, even if you say no better, the elevator can not run normally, it depends on the true ability, the mouth is said to be useless.

     Having said that, I mainly hope that young friends will go forward and learn more. The end result is to earn more money. When talking to the master, they can be on the same line. Sometimes friends ask questions, even where things are. I don't know, hehe.

The drawings must be seen. If you look carefully, no one will start from the beginning. The real technology is drawn in the schematic. Until now, when I looked at the drawings, I often felt a sense of ignorance. In addition, it is recommended that friends use pointers with a multimeter, do not use electronic, because my experience is that 80% of our incurable diseases are poor contact and voltage dips. This is not monitored with an electronic multimeter.

Just write it, I hope to help the masters who love the elevator industry. My philosophy is to work hard to be a master, because only the master, when the worker boss will give high wages, will make the wife and children have a good life, nothing more.

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