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A puzzle about the elevator

Oct 11, 2018

A woman was followed by a man, and she walked into the elevator and found that the man had followed. She asked the man to press first, and the man pressed the second floor, so she pressed the third floor. On the 2nd floor, the man came out of the elevator and smiled at him. When the elevator closed, she saw the man pulling out the knife and heading to the 3rd floor. How can a woman be rescued if she cannot cancel the 3rd floor?

In fact, the woman did not die on the third floor at all, but died after going out. The man is not going to do it on the third floor. Because there is a camera, if he wants to do it, the first floor is the same as the third floor. All of them are from the outside to the inside and will be photographed by the camera. The man went out and smiled at her and took the knife to the third floor. It was for the woman. In the few seconds from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor, the first reaction of the normal person was to press the 1st floor immediately, and then arrived. Immediately press the door on the third floor (don't say what to press the alarm bell and climb the sunroof, no one is Superman, not to mention the woman, you press the alarm bell will not stop, only the elevator administrator's office will be connected). In fact, the man did not have to go to the third floor. He only used half or two-thirds of the second floor. The woman went to the third floor and found that the elevator had opened. The man had not arrived yet, and he immediately pressed to the first floor. Go, then the man will immediately run downstairs to intercept the woman who ran out of the elevator on the first floor because of the shock. This is the reason for her death. The speed of people going downstairs is 1.5 times that of the elevator. I will tell you later. Why are you).


So what should this woman do? She only has one choice, that is, she immediately presses to the top floor of the elevator. After the third floor, the elevator in the turret of the elevator is naturally closed. At this time, the man will not rush in, because the hands and the first floor will be used. The same, no meaning. After the elevator door closed to the top floor, the man found that the situation was not right, and immediately chased to the top floor. At this time, the elevator is faster than the person going upstairs. From the top floor of the 3rd floor, there is at least 10 floors (the building above the 13th floor must be set up) There is an elevator, the person who learns the building will understand), about 10-13 seconds, only during this period, the woman has the opportunity to press the alarm bell and use the alarm phone elevator administrator for help. When the top floor is reached, the woman must immediately put her own bag. Throw it out, then press the 10th floor, 7th floor, 5th floor, 3rd floor, 1st floor respectively. Whenever you stop at the first floor, you must throw out your own belongings, including the bag, the jacket, the left shoe, the right shoe. Mobile phone. (Reason: The man found that the situation was wrong and then immediately pressing the elevator to open the door would not help, because the elevator will go down after the top floor, he only has two choices, one is to give up immediately from the first floor to escape, and the second is to continue to catch up On the top floor, if you catch up with the top floor and find the bag that the woman has thrown out, there will be two doubts. One is that the woman ran to the roof, and the other is that the woman deliberately threw it out. If he chooses to choose to chase the sky, then the crisis resolves if Continue to follow the elevator, then every 3th floor will see the same thing that the woman throws out, will face the same choice, because he really does not know whether the woman is running out of the elevator or still descending in the elevator, then the probability that he killed the woman's only 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 * 1/2 = 1/64. this probability is not kill people, if it can make you dead, You can buy a lottery the next time you reincarnate.)


PS1: The speed of ordinary men going downstairs can be flush with the elevator on the 5th-8th floor. There is no way to catch up with the distance between the 8th floor, and the speed of the upper floor can be flush with the elevator within 1-3 floors. There is no way to catch up on the 4th floor and above, don't believe you can try it. PS2: There must be an elevator above the 13th floor, so the top floor is also the 13th floor. XBOX360: The elevator manager's office is on the first floor.


PS2: Why am I so clear? Because my family lives on the 3rd floor, every time I go home, I have to consider whether I am going to take the elevator or walking fast, because the 3rd floor is a very awkward floor. It doesn't take much effort to walk. The elevator is very convenient. Every time I go out or go home. To entangle some, the elevator that has been playing for a few years, the ratio of the speed of the elevator to the function of the human body is counted in my heart. Those who have not played the elevator should not say what the alarm bell is, the art of the elevator.


A few mistakes **: 1. Press the alarm bell A: The title has been said, useless classmates, help you to connect the administrator phone. 2. In the corner A: A little useful, but the follow-up did not 3. Go to the third floor immediately Run out A: He will be able to kill you to kill, you can not let a person take the elevator, another person ran from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor to intercept him, you will find the stairs much faster than the elevator, I It’s not yet open when you return to the door. 4. Go to the third floor to close **: This actually has a chance. If the man is not on the 2nd floor and it is on the 3rd floor, he can pull you out with one hand when you press the elevator. And when you press the close, the elevator will return to the first floor by default. 5. Go out for a melee. **: Just kidding 6. Sighing for mercy **: Do you feel guilty when you say this? Seeing Hong Kong films know, a man who wants to kill you will accept your pleading for mercy? 7. Leave the murderer in the elevator is the evidence of the man**: Whether you are leaving a note or texting, you are dead, still failing to meet your life-saving goals: 1. Why do men find that the situation is wrong? Press the elevator will not open? A: Because you press it, he will wait until the elevator is down. If you press it, even if you are really walking, let you catch up, can let the elevator door open, then what? Is it necessary to kill people from outside to inside under the surveillance of the camera? What is the difference with the first floor? 2. Why do you want to stop every 3th floor when you are down the top of the building? Every 2nd floor or every 1st floor will stop throwing things away. Isn't the chance of killing you even smaller? A: The distance between every three floors is about 5-7 meters. This distance is possible whether you run out or stop in the elevator. If you open the door every 2 or every floor, men may see or hear it. Whether someone ran out, this is a matter of human life, can not take risks, or stop insurance every 3 floors, if you are not assured, every 4th floor or every 5th floor can stop. 3. You are not saying that when the ordinary people go downstairs, the walking speed of the 5th-8th floor is flush with the elevator? Why do you not find it every time you stop at the 3rd floor? A: If I let you run to the 13th floor and run down without rest, can you still be flush with the elevator? 4. It is possible that the man just ran online and went to the 7th-8th floor and did not run. He waited for you to come down according to the elevator. At this time, when you came down, did you just meet him? A: Actually it is a probability problem, because he does not understand whether you will go directly to the rooftop. He also wants to vote for the chance that you won't run the rooftop. If you really let him go, I found that you didn't run the rooftop, just happened to be there, then you are still in the elevator, he still won't do it. Did you just call when the elevator went up? At this time, it will come in handy. On the 1st floor, the elevator administrator will take the wrench to help you clean up the wretched man.

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