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8 major elements of purchasing a home energy-saving elevator

Oct 26, 2018

Today, the Chinese government has launched energy-efficient buildings and has launched a national campaign to save energy in China. In the future, the country will definitely focus on energy conservation as a top priority, and energy conservation and emission reduction will become a long-term policy of the country. To this end, how to choose an energy-saving elevator? How do you know about energy-saving elevators?

China's energy-saving elevators actually started in 2002. In general, the energy-saving elevators probably need to have the following eight conditions:

First, the power saving rate of the elevator should be more than 30%;

Second, the control system must be controlled by a microcomputer;

Third, must have scalable capabilities;

Fourth, it must comply with the latest national elevator standard GB7588-2003;

Fifth, in the case of power outages, rescue can be carried out without going to the machine room;

Sixth, it must be a small machine room or a machine room-less elevator, because the energy-saving elevator itself needs to save energy and also includes the cost of civil construction. The small machine room elevator can save design time, save civil construction time and civil construction costs. The machine roomless elevator can save more.

Seventh, energy-saving elevators also require low maintenance costs and easy maintenance.

Eighth, energy-saving elevators have mature technology and intellectual property rights. (Some domestic brands are copying, and energy saving effects and safety effects cannot meet the needs of energy-saving elevators).

At present, China's energy-saving elevator technology is mainly European brands. Japanese brands basically do not have the technology to give energy-saving elevators to China. Therefore, when we choose energy-saving elevators, we should look at whether it is a European brand with reference to the above eight conditions. At present, the best energy-saving elevator models can save 50% of electricity, so we can choose energy-saving products when we choose. The average energy-saving elevator can save 30-40%.

If we start to adopt energy-saving elevators now, the annual electricity consumption of newly installed elevators in the country can save 1.5 billion degrees. And the electricity cost saved by the energy-saving elevator can completely save the elevator cost.

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