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2018 Level 1 Fire Engineer Notes: Fire Lift Interpretation

Mar 12, 2018

In 2018, the first-level fire engineer examination can already begin preparations. Xiaobian reminds everyone to pay attention to the Global Network School-level fire engineer channel. Here we arrange the first-level fire engineer “case analysis” in 2018. Note: Fire escape interpretation, hoping to be able Everyone helps.

According to the "High-rise Civil Building Design Fire Prevention Code (2005 Edition)" (GB50045-1995), a class of high-rise public buildings shall be equipped with fire elevators; the number of high-rise building fire elevators shall be set when the floor area of each floor is not more than 1500m2. 1 station, when each building area is more than 1500m2 but not more than 4500m2, 2 stations shall be installed; when each floor area is greater than 4500m2, 3 stations shall be set; fire elevators may be used together with passenger elevators or working elevators, but shall comply with the requirements of fire elevators Claim. The location of the fire elevator should be easily accessible and accessible. Its safety should meet the following requirements:

(1) Fire lifts should be located in different fire zones

(2) The fire room should be equipped with an antechamber. Its area: The public building should not be less than 6m2. When using an antechamber with smoke-proof stairwells, the area should not be less than 10m2 for public buildings

(3) The front room of a fire elevator room should be set on the external wall, and the outlet on the first floor should be set to the outside or lead to the outdoor through a channel no longer than 30m in length.

(4) Doors in the front room of a fire elevator shall use Class B fire doors or fire shutters with stagnation

(5) The load of the fire elevator shall not be less than 800kg

(6) The fire-fighting elevator shaft, engine room and adjacent other elevator shafts and engine rooms shall be separated by a non-burning body partition wall with a fire-resistant limit of not less than 2.OOh. When the door is opened on the partition wall, a class A shall be established. fire-proof door

(7) The speed of the fire elevator shall be determined by calculating the operating time from the first floor to the top floor within 60s.

(8) Non-burning materials shall be used for the interior decoration of fire elevator cars; waterproof and power cables shall be used for power and control cables and wires.

(9) Special telephone shall be set up in the fire elevator car, and a dedicated operation button for firefighters shall be set up on the first floor.

(10) Water retaining facilities should be provided at the entrance of the fire elevator front room. The bottom of the fire elevator shall be equipped with drainage facilities, the drainage well volume shall not be less than 2m3, and the displacement of the drainage pump shall not be less than 101/s.

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