Professional And Comfortable Hospital Elevator For Patient And Disabled People

hospital elevator series fully considers peculiarity of hospital environments. It applies the world’s top grade modular computer control technology.

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Hospital elevator

A beautiful human-oriented world

FUSIJG hospital elevator series fully considers peculiarity of hospital environments. It applies the worlds top grade modular computer control technology. It forms highly integrated VVVF serial communication control system.It brings about smooth elevator brake & operation.The patients feel very comfortable at travel. Design of multiple safety properties effectively reduces accident possibilities. Therefore the disabled patients can safely enter into/exit from hospital elevators.


Car decoration and function

Car wall: hairline stainless steel plate

Ceiling: Acrylic lighting decoration, stainless steel hairline frame

Handrail: flat stainless steel

Floor: PVC floor

Standard functions

Main landing return without call

Independent operation

Landing/car door interval setting

Closing time setting

Open/close button

Emergent fireman operation

Emergent car lighting

Full collective control

Digital landing/car position indicator

Call/taking of landing/car

Landing/car running direction indicator

Intercom between monitoring room and machine room/car(excluding cables from machine room to monitoring room)

Independent operation

No stop at full load

Disabled at overload (indicator and buzzer)

Running times indication

Running of emergent motor at roof and in machine room

Manual ventilation and automatically controlled lighting

Automatic failure detection


Light curtain security

Mistaken taking cancelled


Down collective control

Operation device UPS

Fireman service (in car)

Car approaching indicator

Opening and leveling

Elevator remote monitoring

Manual lighting and automatically-controlled fan

Voice announcement

Card reader

BA interface (free contacts interface)

Community monitor panel

Community computer monitoring

Braille button

Operation box for the disabled

Half-height mirror

Attendant operation 



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