Hospital Elevator With big space

hospital elevator is suitable for buildings, such as hospitals, sanatorium, etc.

Product Details


Hospital bed elevators

Hyundai hospital bed elevators, a right choice for your hospital needs are designed to greatly contribute to provide the most secure and reliable ambience that your hospital requires.

Integrated into the system is such an advanced technology as VVVF(variable voltage variable frequency) inverter drive which serves the purpose of great cost reduction by innovative energy well as excellent riding comfort of elevators. Bascially, Hyundai hospital bed elevators are planned,designed and manufactured, bearing passengerss security and convenience first in mind. The elegant designs and various features that these elevators show off are the key to enhancing the dignity of hospital facilities in addition to providing the amenities that hospital pursues.

Main advantages

Superior riding

Enhanced function of signal fixtures

Remote monitoring system (optional)

Self-checking system built in computer

50% energy saving (compared to conventional AC control system)

50% reduction in building power requirement (compared to conventional AC control system)

Excellent security of door for wheelchair and hospital bed (A gap between car sill and hatch sill is 25mm)



Car design

Ceiling - CD519D (Aluminum) indirect lighting connective air sterilization system

Wall -dull stainless steel, mirror-etched stainless steel (SE2308),STS mirror trim(30mm)

Transom - dull stainless steel

Car doors - dull stainless steel

Operating panel-OPP-N290A(touchless button)



Flooring-polyvinyl tide

Hospital Elevator

Advanced technology gives the service of trust.

Hyundai elevator lifts the future. It is your wise choice.

Control system

The operation control board and the inverter are integrated with double CPU to avoid communication interference.

The fieldbus control mode effectively controls the data network system of each unit, so that the call display command responds quickly and accurately.

No crawl operation, reduce flat waiting time and improve operation efficiency.

Static motor magnetic pole learning mode is convenient for maintenance and debugging.

The sine and cosine encoder is in advance perfect start / stop, no need to install weighing sensor, and simple adjustment through potentiometer.

COP30D operating board and OPP display board integrated design.

ACII mode, there is no special character concept.

Through the upper / lower button to set up the floor, the floor is very convenient.

The function of voice reporting station is convenient for disabled people to use.

 Machine system

Low vibration, low noise:It reduces vibration and noise by 70% compared with gear tractors, and reduces 30% vibration inside the car.

Environmental protection:No excitation pollution, no pollution caused by lubricating oil.

Energy saving:No excitation and gear mechanical loss, power saving 60%.

Economics:Save maintenance (free maintenance) and use cost (without lubricating oil).

Life:The design of the U groove of the wheel rope reduces the extrusion friction on the wire rope and greatly improves the service life of the wire rope.

Door motor system

The operation control board and the frequency converter are integrated with CPU to avoid communication interference.

Wire rope mechanical drive + modern high efficiency variable frequency control, reliable and efficient, noise reduction.

The gantry crane is strong in structure and is driven by wire rope. Its life span is not comparable to that of synchronous belt drive.

Special CTX board for car safety loop, to prevent misoperation.

The hall door has a safety anti collision device.

Pre sale service

Provide professional elevator solutions according to the project conditions and parameters provided by customers.

Installation service

According to the relevant GB standards of the state, we provide rigorous installation services according to the installation management manual.

Training services

After passing the elevator inspection, it will provide professional elevator elevator training for elevator units or property companies.

Maintenance service

The service network has covered all provincial capitals in the country, and manufacturers directly undertake maintenance services.

Special function (optional) path free monitoring system

The data acquisition module is installed in the elevator control cabinet, and the 365 day 24 hour monitoring is realized through the LAN and the broadband network, and the domestic and foreign elevator operation state is monitored in the maintenance center of the company.


Standard function sheet

Collection   and selection control

Slow speed   self rescue operation

Automatic   opening door when arriving station

door opening   from outside hall of this floor

Door closing   button to close the door ahead of time

Repeat door   opening

Maintenance   and operation

Emergency   lighting

Five party   communication device

attendant   operation

Error   instruction cancellation

Automatic   cancellation of instructions in reverse

arrival gong

voice   announcement station

Automatic   closing of car lighting

Car fan   automatically shut down

Automatic   return to base station

Self   learning of shaft data

The   arbitrary settings of the service floor

Floor dot   matrix display

Digital / arrow scrolling display

Automatic   update of car position signal

Lock ladder   service

Fire   emergency return

Door safety   light screen protection

Overload   protection measures

Reverse   operation protection

Anti   skidding protection

Protection of   anti slide car

Anti   terminal over-travel protection

Optional function sheet

Door safety   edge protection

Parallel   connection control

Group   control operation

Car   auxiliary steering wheel

rush-hour   service

Full load   bypass

Anti –   nuisance function

power   emergency levelling device

centralized   monitor function

landing door pre-reported light   flashing

Fire   emergency operation

door optical   electricity protection device(safety beam)

VIP   function

IC   card function

Door keeping   function

Floor   reservation system

 Hyundai standardard function sheet

Collective selective control

VVVF inverter drive

Automatic slow levelling

Inspection operation

Automatic bypass

Firemans emergency return

Car arrival chime

Dot display indication

Reversal car call cancelling

Car ventilation shut off automatic

Car light shut off-automatic

Overload holding stop

Attendant service

Repeated door-close

The counter and the running times

Fault indication

Emergency car lighting

Safety door edge


Hyundai optional function sheet

Firemans emergency operation

Duplex control

Group control

Auxiliary car operating panel

False call cancelling –car button type

False call cancelling-automatic

Emergency landing device

Multi-beam protection

Automatic supervisory function

Hall lantern

Door optical electricity protection   device(safety ray)

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