Hospital Elevator With Stainless Steel Car

Medical elevators serve stationary lifts on specified floors. It has a car that runs between at least two rows of steel rails that are vertical or have an angle of inclination of less than 15°. The car size and structure are convenient for passengers.

Product Details


Regard customer as respect, time is life

The hospital elevator series of Shanghai Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd., on the basis of fully excavating the function of hospital elevators, strictly demands self. In the product design, the main idea is humanized and the permanent magnet synchronous technology of high efficiency and environmental protection is used to make the utmost effort to facilitate the hospital and convalescent medical personnel, and can be used to transport the passengers. The ambulance stretcher and the ambulance equipment; In the car decoration, fully optimize the car structure, with quiet and elegant color, to the maximum to meet the requirements of customers,to create a clean and bright space for passengers.

Permanent magnet synchronous traction machine

Shanghai Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance free, comfortable, low noise, small volume.

The combination of the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine and the frequency converter makes the opening machine become another energy saving link of the elevator. The advanced technology not only saves energy, but also improves the accuracy and comfort of opening and closing the door.

AdvantageGreen environmental protection, no radiation, is the 1/3 of energy saving lamp, long service life.

When the elevator is waiting, the lighting and ventilation equipment in the elevator will be automatically cut off.

The motor works under the state of power regeneration when elevator goes up with empty and goes down with full load, the traditional elevator is equipped with a high power brake resistance, which consumes the regenerated electric energy on the resistance, and the resistance energy brake brings some disadvantages as follows:To waste energy, reduce the efficiency of the system, the resistance heating is serious, the elevator braking performance is poor, and the energy feedback device can not only convert the electric energy of the elevator power generation to the electric power of the power grid for the use of other electrical equipment in the building, but also improve the braking performance of the elevator.

Characteristic function

Wireless remote monitoring

Internet remote monitoring

Remote monitoring of community

Linkage function of residential entrance guard

Function of earthquake operation

Pre load compensation function

Power off emergency leveling function

Background music / voice station function

Light screen protection

Advanced door opening function

Anti – nuisance protection

IC card identification

Shanghai Fuji, using professional three-dimensional design software for the design of products, let us get a more vivid and image expression in the product design information sharing and collaborative design, part modeling, surface modeling, sheet metal design, finite element analysis and other aspects and display exquisite and true meaning of the product with unprecedented sound.

The creativity of brilliant work highlights the exquisite workmanship of detail.The principle analysis of precision has bloomed the design idea.The highly simulated quality makes the products lively and dynamic.



Car configuration shfj-y003

Car wall: Spraying of steel plate

Ceiling: mirror stainless steel

Handrail: hairline stainless steel

Floor: PVC


car wall:hairline stainless steel

ceiling:hairline stainless steel

handrail: hairline stainless steel

Floor: PVC


Hall door


Hall door: Steel plate spraying

Jamb: Steel plate spraying



Hall door: hairline stainless steel

Jamb: hairline stainless steel


Operating panel


Dot matrix display

Square button


Dot matrix display

Round button


Liquid crystal display in car

Square button


Liquid crystal display in car

Round button


Dot matrix display

Square button

Single elevator


Dot matrix display

Round button

Single elevator


Liquid crystal display outside the hall

Square button

Single elevator


Liquid crystal display outside the hall

Round button

Single elevator


Dot matrix display

Square button

Parallel connection


Dot matrix display

Round button

Parallel connection


Liquid crystal display outside the hall

Square button

Parallel connection


Liquid crystal display outside the hall

Round button

Parallel connection


Dot matrix display

Square button

Split display


Dot matrix display

Round button

Split display


Liquid crystal display outside the hall

Square button

Split display


Liquid crystal display outside the hall

Round button

Split display


standard function

Elevator VF control

vector control

Full collective selective control

maintenance operation

slow self-rescue operation

Real-time clock control

Automatic control for maintaining the door opening   time

Door opening outside the hall of the current layer

Advanced door closing by the door-close button

door opening by the door-open button

repeated door opening

exchange stop

Cancellation of false command

Automatic command cancellation during reversed   travelling

direct stop

full load by pass

Automatic power-off of fan and   illuminationduringwaiting time

automatic return to main floor

LCD interface operation

Determination of simulation speed

Determination of diginal multi-stage speed

Fault history recording

Shaft floor data self-learning

arbitrary setting for service floor

free setting of multiple floors display characters

attendant operation

independent operation

dot matrix floor display

scrolling display of moving direction

Automatic correction of floor position signal

Elevator Locking service

Protective measures for guaranteeing no door opening   outside the door area

infrared curtain protection

overload protection measures

Light-load anti-nuisance function

Protection of reversed movement

anti-slip    protection(running time limiter)

car-slip    prevention

Terminal over-travel prevention

Contact testing and protection of security contactor   relay

fault protection of speed modulator

CPU WDT protection of main controller

emergency return in the case of fire accident

Firefighter’s operation

arrival gong

forced door closing

emergency lighting

five-party intercom

Bell   alarm

Optional function

Operation of auxiliary operating panel

advanced door opening

Phonetic station reporting function

preload compensation

community(or building) monitoring

parallel operation

group control operation

Operation of standby power supply for building

seismic operation

Morning rush-hour service

afternoon rush-hour service

Dispersed elevator waiting

IC card floor service control in the car

Operation of rear-door operating panel

Independent controlof front and rear door

arrival lights out side car

arrival gong for outside hall

VIP floor service

remote maintenance center monitoring

switch control group control service floor toggle

Operating panel for disabled

IC card call service control in the hall

power off emergency leveling

door opening releveling



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