Hospital Elevator With 1600kg Capacity

Medical elevators serve fixed lifting equipment on specified floors. It has a car running between at least two vertical columns or steel rails with a tilt angle of less than 15 degrees. The size and structure of the car are convenient for passengers to go in and out.

Product Details


MD6000 Series Medical

Green Innovation

Awaken Emotions

3 Leading Technologies

Electromagnetic Radiation is lower than national standard

First to create an aspetic environment in elevator

Pioneer of “Oxygen Bar” Technology, enhancing air quality in elevators.

2 Specialised Functions

Channel dedicated to emergency rescue

Multistage data control to ensure stability and reliability of elevator


Low Electromagnetic wave

First to comply with international EM Standards

Using dual 32-bit CPU chips, our medical lifts are stable during transportation, minimizing the agony patients have to go through during transfer. Our compliance with Internation EM Standards impolies that the insignificant amount of EM waves generated by our elevators will not interfere with medical equipment.

We are also proud to be the first in the industry to pass IE 161000 Series Standard and CISPR EMC Standard fulfilling Europes EN12015 and EN12016 requirements.

The EMC of elevator is inclusive of EMI and EMS where EMI minimizes the radiation emitted by the elevator to reduce interference with medical equipment. On the other hand,EMS reduces interference of the elevator by the medical equipment to ensure smooth operation of the elevator.

First to use aseptic elevator

Stratified antibacterial technology to prevent cross infection by increasing amount of oxygen ions in the environment to enhance air quality.

Ion Generator

Ion Generator

Akin to vitamins in the food we eat,oxygen ions are just as essential to keep us healthy. These ions can help to improve the air quality which is beneficial to the patients.

UV Steriliser

Considering the high level of viruses in hospitals, it is necessary to install a UV steriliser for disinfection.Disinfection will begin when the elevator is not in use, removing dust and odour together with the bacteria and viruses.


Anti-bacterial design

The stainless-steel used for the walls of the elevators are treated with anti-fingerprint technology to prevent viral infection.


Designed for better comfort

Utilising magnet sychronous traction technology,safety of elevator is dramatically enhanced.

Excellent overloading performance of up to 290% above standard.250% rated torque thrust magnetic braking performance leading in the industry; Up to 40%-70% overall energy conservation; Low noise level at 43 db,lower than national standard.

Unique Tremor-reduction

Overall elevator tremor can be reduced using the premium hydraulic pressure technology to achieve a smooth and steady ride.

Better speed management

To accomplish a better ride experience, we strive to stabilise the elevator during the startup and braking by manipulating the speed.

Accurate landing

Using the latest leveling technology, we are able to maintain the accuracy of landing within the 0.5mm range.

Automated self-recovery

During power fault, the elevator will switch from using the main power to the standby power and be sent to the nearest landing floor at a much slower speed.

According to data analysis, XJ Schindler elevators waste reduces 52% more energy in standby mode.


Leading energy conservation technology reduces 52% power consumption by elevators in standby mode.


XJ Schindler Series Elevators can transit smoothly hibernate mode when left unused for a prolonged period of time and normal mode when in use. This greatly reduces the power consumption of elevators to a mere 47W.


According to records: The effective operation of an elevator on a 24-hour basis is only 3-6 hours.When the elevator is on standby mode, the power wastage is approximately 300W.Cumulatively,the overall power wasted per year is approximately 2100kWh. This implies that supposedly, $1200 can be saved from the power wastage when elevator is in standby mode.The total amount of energy wasted by the world is almost equal to the total energy produced by QinShan Nuclear Station for 10 years.

Lift slide protection patent

Eliminates lift slide incidents

When the lift doors are opened, lift slide incidents can occur due to a spectrum of reasons. Before lift slide incidents can even actualise, our door protection system will be able to detect any abnormal movements by the elevator. When the elevator slide by 5cm, the protection system will be activated and the elevator will brake and stop within 20cm from the landing level. This prevents major lift slide incidents from occuring.


Stable and reliable XJ Schindler control system

In our military grade dual 32-bit CPU chip, each individual chip has independent operator to manage the data and information.

With the CPU chips operating independently from one another, it completely isolates the input and output information,hence effectively reduces interruption.

4 way Canbus main control, up to 9 external midrange,suitable for control of complex industries.

Recognition from international safety committee

Modular industrial design with flexible configuration to suit different environments

Excellent heat dissipation design

Qualified IEC 255,EN12015,EN12016,IEC61000,CISPR11 Standards


Accurate and reliable synchronous direct drive door system

Permanent Magnet Traction machine is advance and reliable.

Simultaneous closure of landing door and car door and full control of door opening/closing.

High efficiency and speed: Door opening/closing duration 2.04s

Low noise: Door noise of 38Db

Recognised by World Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection ITNET13-004.








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