Shopping Mall Outdoor Escalator

Escalator, also known as escalator, or escalator, escalator, escalator, is a type of escalator with a circular operating ladder, is used to tilt up and down passengers carrying fixed power drive equipment

Product Details


Smooth running, low noise, fine durability and convenient repair.



BlackBear  In-Door and Out-Door Escalater for customer choice.

Lifting height 3m~6m, Angle of Inclination 30°,35°.

VVVF driving control system makes the maximum energy saving up to 65%.

Safety and Reliability:


It adopts the advanced control system and brake system.  The superior drive chain and precise installation technology ensure the product running comfort.

It strictly executes the current standars such as GB16899-2011 safety criterions for the production and installation of escalator and side-walk etc.  It has set all the necessary safety devices with safe and reliable operation.

The automatic lubricating system guarantees the prompt and automatic parts fueling which enhances the use life of the products.



If any foreign object is stuck between the moving pedal and stationary comb plate,the safety switches that is put on both sides of comb plate can be triggered thus the moving walk will be automatically stopped.


If any foreign object is stuck between the rubber gead and  handrail the safety switch behind the rubber entrance will start automatically to stop the moving walk from moving


It not only demonstrates the beautiful light beam,but also emphasizes the visibility of moving walk in the entire building,making carriage more comfortable and safer.


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