Shopping Mall Escalator With 30 Degree Angle Or 35 Degree Angle

H series escalators are suitable for public utilities and its running height is from 14M to 20M. In technology, two main machine systems are used to ensure the driving force of the escalator running.

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Commercial Escalator

New-world class escalator

S series and NW escalators are used in commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, banks and office buildings.In technology, a single host system is used to install on the top of the escalator structure with an automatic lubrication device, which improves the operation efficiency of the escalator maximumly and elevates the comfort of the ride.In the design, compact design is adopted to reduce the installation area in site.


Public Escalator

H-series escalator

H series escalators are suitable for public utilities and its running height is from 14M to 20M. In technology, two main machine systems are used to ensure the driving force of the escalator running. The full automatic lubricating device saves from the trouble of adding lubricating oil to the old type timely.The scope of application is generally for subway, airport, large conference center, etc.In order to ensure the safe operation of H Series in outdoor environment, low temperature resistance and high temperature resistance and moisture-proof and windproof treatment were carried out in the structure.The series has also been recognized by ASME institutions of the US and has achieved EU standards.



Arrangement type for Escalator

Single escalator

A single escalator is used to connect two floors.It is suitable for buildings in which passenger flow is from mainly from one direction.Flexible adjustments can be made to meet the needs of passenger flow (e.g.Go up in the morning and go down at night).

Continuous arrangement (one-way traffic)

This arrangement is mainly used in small department stores to sell three floors in a row.This arrangement requires more space than discontinuous arrangement.

Intermittent arrangement (one-way traffic)

This arrangement will bring inconvenience to the passengers, but it is good for the owner of the mall, because the space interval between the upwards or downstairs and the escalator can display advertised exhibits of special arrangement which are seen by customers.

Parallel intermittent arrangement (two-way traffic)

This arrangement is mainly used in shopping malls and public transport facilities with larger traffic volume.When there are three or more escalators, it should be possible to change the direction of movement according to the passenger flow.This arrangement is economical because there is no need for the inner baffle.

Cross continuous arrangement (two-way traffic)

This arrangement is mainly used in large department stores, public buildings and public transport places, and the delivery times between floors in these places should be kept as small as possible.


Overspeed protection of handrail

When the handrail belt stops, overspeeds and breaks, the escalator will stop automatically.

Skirt panel protection switch

The 4 protection switches are mounted on the inside of the skirt panel, two are on the upper part and tww are the lower part.When the foreign object is clamped into the middle of the step and skirt panel, approaching the front plate, any of the switches will immediately stop the escalator operation.

Handrail protection switch

If a foreign object is stuck between the armrest belt and the handrail protection, the handrail protection switch will automatically stop the escalator.

Emergency stop button

The emergency stop button is located on the upper / lower entrance of the escalator and installed on the skirt panel and cover panel of the column.If it is necessary, press the red button and the escalator will stop safely.

Drive chain broken chain protection device

The drive chain chain broken is located in the upper trusses of the escalator. When the drive chain is broken, the switch will be triggered, the brake device starts immediately, and the escalator stops running.

Step sagging protection switch

4 step sagging protection switches are located in the upper and lower parts of truss of the escalator. When the step sags, the switch senses and stops the escalator from running by cutting off the safety loop.

Safety brush

The safety brush can improve the safety of passengers by guiding passengers away from skirt panels.

Step boundary strip

The three sides of the step pallet are equipped with yellow molding resin, which allows passengers to clearly distinguish the area of riding.

Comb plate protection switch

This switch is installed at the end of the upper and lower parts of the escalator, and when the foreign object is clamped into the comb by a step and raise the comb, the comb plate protection switch will immediately stop the escalator operation.

Step chain protection device

The two devices are installed at the bottom of the escalator. When the step chain breaks or elongates, the switch will stop the escalator operation.



Functional configuration



Speed reducer

Turbine worm

electric control system

PLC/ Microcomputer

Inner and exterior cover plate material

Stainless steel

step material

Stainless steel / aluminum alloy

Skirt panel material

Carbon steel + low friction powder / stainless steel

Tooth of a comb

Aluminium alloy


10mm transparent glass



handrail frame

Stainless steel

Cutting-edge plate

Aluminum alloy / stainless steel

Standard function

Anti static brush for handrail

Step static brush

Phase order protection

Step sagging

Handrail velocity measurement

Overspeed protection

Step missing

Anti reversal

Step stop push device

Emergency stop switch

Handrail protection switch

Comb plate switch

Step chain broken switch

Overload relay

internal contracting brake monitoring

Flywheel cover

Safety brush

Optional function

Comb lighting

Step lower lighting

Skirt panel switch

Liquid level switch


Handrail heater

Oil-water separator

auxiliary brake

Drive chain broken chain




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