Outdoor Escalator With Good Price And Quality

escalator adopts efficient energy-saving control system, which effectively reduces energy consumption. Different inclination angle, multiple step widths and huge delivery capacity make it suitable for all kinds of public places and able to satisfy multi-level demands of customers.

Product Details

BlackBear escalator and moving walk centers on safety as core idea of product

which is created by top level industrial team , providing safe , comfortable

and convenient transportation experience for urban public transport  .


1. V handrail increases contact area of rotation belt , increasing friction of handrail 

     providing greater driving force for operation of escalator 

2. Vertical type tractor possesses smooth mesh and decrease in friction , enduring low noise

    by reducing noise by more than 60%

3. Advanced control system

4. ECO Energy saving system switch over drive mode

Super Transportation,Leading Space

Tall handrail and guardrail with high strength,skirt panel with a height of 1000mm,increase safety performance. 

The maximum pedal width can  reach 1.4m,fully meet the requiremernt of large flow of passengers and cargo transportation.

Advanced microcomputer board control system has high capacity,fast response,high stability,and complete functions(Optional)


Superb Artistry,Exquisite Elevator

Truss adopts robot welding.technology,which greatly enhances the manufcturing process and makes it more sturdy,wearable and beautiful.

The ultra-quiet main engine can effectively prevent vibration,pedal adopts special mute damping design,tensioning frame device can effectivey prevent noise.

PLV automatic lubrication system provides ideal lubrication for gearing chain during operation extending the service life of transmission devece.






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