Electric Escalator With High Quality

The Escalator, also known as escalators, or automatic pedestrian elevators, armrest elevators, and escalators, is a class of escalators with a circulating running ladder and a fixed power drive for transporting passengers upwards or downwards.

Product Details


ESP Series Escalator/Travelator

Protection against retrogradation

The sprocket in our traction machine can detect retrogradation instantly.Even in times when the operation chain breaks off, the sprocket will still be able to detect retrogradation at the very first second.

High-power traction socket prevents displacement

We have incorporated a series of innovations to develop a traction machine that is suitable for long working hours through scientific calculation of the mechanics, thickening of metal board, increasing stress-resistance and anchoring at multiple spots.

To furthur stabilize our traction machine, we selected a more durable type of bolt which is cut-resistant, less prone to loosening and reduces strain on the traction machine. With our two-prong approach to stabilize the position of the traction machine, shifting in position is highly unlikely, bringing about a smoother and safer operation of the escalator.

Anti-reversal brake

Under special circumstances, the anti-reversal brake will prevent retrogradation of escalators which is akin to the ABS system in conventional vehicle. This ensures the safety of our passengers.

Sturdy Brackets

Higher rigidity with larger bracket design

Our brackets have higher rigidity and are able to minimize distortion level to 1/1500 when fully loaded. This is above the national standard of 1/750.

Even distribution of pressure along truss

With the connection/linking of the truss and brackets, pressure can be evenly distributed which effectively reduce distortion on the truss and brackets.

Bigger support for better pressure management

Based on scientific analysis, we have designed a large spanning support to ease pressure on the escalator. This will enhance the stability of the truss and hence smoother operation of the escalator.


Anti-seismic technology

As we are all vulnerable to inevitable natural disasters such as earthquakes, we understand the importance of taking precautionary measures. With our anti-seismic technology, passengers will not have to worry about their safety in times when disasters such as earthquakes occur.


Our truss is a world-class handcraft that has a life span of up to 30 years.

Using the coating line from Germanys Durr Company, this raised the standard for escalator pre-treatment and electrophoresis process. As the corrosiveness of escalator plays a pivotal role in deciding the quality, we are dedicated to produce escalators that are corrosion resistant.

Electrophoresis Base Coat +Epoxymicaceous iron+Anticorrosion Paint

Triple Protection

Our electrophoresis pool has an area of 192 which can accommodate the entire truss and the thickness of the coating can reach a maximum of 100um with an adhesion power of 0.1. After the coating treatment, the truss will be able to withstand 1500 hours of corrosion test.

High precision welding

Our custom-made welding machine can accurately connect the different parts of the elevators together producing durable products.

Weld seam inspection

This inspection ensures that the joints are impeccably connected with no cracks, air bubbles,while spots and etc to confirm that only quality products flow into the market.


High precision thickness measurement device

Accurately measures the thickness paint coat and identify the type of coating automatically.

8000 Hours heat and humidity test

Strict adhesiveness assessment of paint coat under high temperature and humid conditions to ensure that our escalators are well shielded from corrosion.

1500 Hours corrosion test

Energy-saving inverter technology

The escalators are powered by the 50Hz power supply under normal operation mode. However,when the escalator is left unused after a designated period of time,the inverter will be activated in place of the 50Hz power supply and the escalator will decelerate. When human movement is detected, the inverter will accelerate the escalator until the preset speed and be powered by 50Hz power supply subsequently. The installation of inverter in our escalator aims not only to reduce energy consumption but also to minimize noise level and wear and tear of escalator parts.

Loading force auto adjustment

Our ESP Series escalator is able to acquire the loading information automatically and generate sufficient force to propel the escalator.This minimizes power wastage which will lead to an overall reduction in the cost of power supply.

Energy renewal device

When the escalator is fully loaded during descend and partially loaded during ascend, the dual PWM inverter will be able to adjust the speed of the escalator and convert it to usable energy for future uses. The potential energy lost during the descending of the elevator can be converted into power supply by passing the DC power supply through a rectifier.This conversion will equalize the voltage between the 2 sources and the resulting energy will return to the main power supply which can be used to power energy-operated equipment.


Parallel energy coupling

In the case of parallel escalator arrangement, the down-running escalators regenerated electricity can be directed to supply the up-running complementary escalator reducing the overall power consumption.

Hibernate/wake function

To reduce energy wastage when escalator is not being used, radar scanners were installed at the exit/entrance of the escalator which detects motion using ultrasound. When movement is detected, the escalator will be in “wake” mode, otherwise, the escalator will be in “hibernate”mode to conserve energy.

Hibernate mode

When the escalator is not being utilized for more than the designated duration(eg.15 minutes), the escalator will stop operating and go into “hibernate”. If the passengers are entrance of the escalator, the escalator will start-up and operate as per normal. However, if the passengers are boarding the escalator from the exit, the escalator will either operate at lower speed or stop completely to remind the passengers that they are at the wrong direction.

Wake Mode

The radar scanner at the entrance/exit of the escalator will be able to detect passengersmovement.The smart display will indicate the direction in which a particular escalator is traveling towards.

Dual Motor

Usage of escalators are well-received in shopping malls, supermarkets,airports and other places where there is high human traffic. As a result, the frequency of inverter malfunctioning is also higher. In times when the inverter malfunctions or is under inspection, the escalator will be powered by Star Delta Starter to ensure smooth operation of escalator.


Dual 32-bit system

In our military standard dual 32-bit CPU chip,each individual chip has independent operator to manage the data and information. With the CPU chips operating independently from one another,it completely isolates the input and output information,hence effectively reduces interruption.

Large Black Box Capacity

Our black box has the capacity to store 100000 pieces of information recording all breakdown details and combine breakdown analysis and troubleshooting. It also has remarkable trackback ability making reference of past information more efficient.

Neural safety platform simulation

Checkpoints spanning the length of the escalator simulate human nervous system to provide first-hand feedback on health status of different parts of the escalator. This greatly prevents breakdowns from happening thus safeguarding the safety of our passengers.

Powerful Communication

Our escalators have isolated internal communication system that is free from interference. In addition, the communication capacity and speed are increased by 5 folds, further affirming the safety and reliability of escalators.

Efficient Monitoring

Real time online monitoring of the states of escalators/travelators enables detection of problems before they actualise.


High-performance asynchronous host

Insignificant friction factor for ease of hydrodynamic oil film formation and high transmission efficiency reduce energy wastage.

The traction machine for escalator uses a speed reducer that is wear-resistant and has high power transmission efficiency.Reliable and easily adjustible brake shoe fixed between the motor and speed reducer ensures high braking performance, low noise and smooth operation.

Host Driver(According to actual elevation)

With abundant power, maximum rise can reach up to 25m. Host power can easily optimize the combination of a variety of host operating status, adjustment of status based on the load status of the host running. According to circumstances, both hosts can simultaneously regulate close to their rated load. This elongates the life span of the host, reduces energy wastage effectively,ensuring smooth and reliable operation of escalator.


Anti-corrosion and Anti-slip

To safeguard the safety of our passengers, we used the most advanced materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear to prevent slipping incidents. On top of that, our escalator steps are round-edged to reduce injuries caused by the steps.

ESP Escalator/Travelator Standard Functions





Dual running   option

Direction of conveyance can be controlled   by the switch key


Overload protection

When escalator is overloaded, it will   stop


Overspeed protection

When the escalators speed exceeds 20% of its preset   speed, it will stop.


Step loss protection

When step fault is detected,the escalator   will stop


Handrail inlet protection

When object is stuck at the inlet of the   handrail,the escalator will stop


Skirt brush

Prevents objects from entering the slit   between steps and skirt panel


Circuit protection

When circuit safety switch is opened,the   escalator will stop


Step sink protection

When steps or landing board sinks in,the   escalator will stop.


Round-edged steps

Safeguard the safety of all passengers


Emergency stop

Escalator can be stopped immediately when   Emergency Stop Button is pressed.


Broken step chain protection

Escalator will stop when step chain is   loosened or broken.


EM braking device

This device can stop an escalator in   times of emergency.


Broken drive chain protection

Escalator will stop when driving chain is   loosened or broken.


Comb plate protection

When object that is potentially hazardous   enters the comb plate enters the comb plate,the escalator will stop


Exit/entrance skirt panel protection

When foreign objects got stuck in between   the step and skirt panel,the escalator will stop


Power fault protection

During power fault,this protection will   stop the escalator and refrain the escalator from starting-up


Static removal device

Transfer static electricity generated by   the escalator to the ground


Open landing plate protection

On the escalator,under the cover lies a   safety switch,unless in maintenance mode,once the switch is turned on, the   escalator will stop operating.


Entrance/exit lightings

To remind passengers to keep clear of the   entrance/exit


Breakdown lighting

Serves as indicator for maintenance


Reversal non-operating protection

When the escalator moves in the reverse   direction,the escalator will stop


Maintenance safety switch

Maintenance safety switch can switch off   the escalator during emergency.


Mobile maintenance device

Every escalator will be equipped with   this device for the convenience of maintenance.


Mobile lighting

Hand-held lighting device


Handrail speed control

When the difference between the speed of   steps and handrail is too great,the escalator will stop


Start-up/fault alarm

Start-up/fault alarm reminds passengers   not to board the escalator during start up/fault respectively.


Removable disk driver wheel detection   switch

Automatically detects if the disk drive   is working


Brake fault inspection

Automatic brake fault inspection


Braking device

When the speed of escalator exceeds 140%   of the preset speed or travels in reverse direction, the braking device will   stop the escalator.


Intelligent inverter

To reduce power consumption and boost   life span,the inverter will accelerate the escalator when in use and   decelerate when not in use.


Auto start/stop

To reduce power consumption and boost   life span,the light switch at the entrance/exit will activate the escalator   when in use and deactivate when not in use.


Remote monitoring

Monitors the condition of escalator   through communication lines.


Comb lighting

To increase visibility of steps for the   ease of boarding


Handrail lighting

Enhance appearance of the escalator


Direction indicator

Brightly-litted indicator to signal to   passengers the direction of escalator


Brake wear inspection

If abnormal or uneven wearing is detected,it   will send out a signal to stop the escalator from operating so that a new   brake lining can be replaced


Low lubrication alarm

When the sensor in the oil pool detects   that there is insufficient oil,this alarm will sound.


Parallel energy coupling

When the escalator are coupled,the   down-running escalator will be able to generate electricity that can be used   to power this pair of escalators.


Automatic lubrication

Auto-lubrication of escalator during   preset time.


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