speed 0.5m/s Low Noise Economical Type Escalator

Shanghai Fuji Elevator always focus on green energy conservation field, breaks through common design,creates brand new performance of energy conservation in elevator, welcoming 4G green life revolution of escalator.

Product Details


Shanghai Fuji Escalator Series

Craftsmanship perfection

We are constantly trying every day.

Explore outstanding limit based on excellent performance.

Breakthrough made for creating gentle life.

Shanghai Fuji Escalator achieves craftsmanship.

Cast supreme standard in the era.


Inherit quality, create unprecedented enjoyment for passengers

Shanghai Fuji FEC series takes GB standard, EN115 standard and standard in each country all over the world as standard and follows up to humanistic production and manufacturing idea; it adopts advanced micro computer control system and novel materials with future consideration on clientsdemands in aspects like safety,aesthetics and performance of escalator,bringing about comfortable, stable and safe experience for users.


Shanghai Fuji escalator has exquisite manufacturing and perfect details; outstanding quality can satisfy demands of different environments, which is widely applied in public places like shopping mall, subway, station, airport, overpass, and business building and so on.


FEC series escalators specification: M type (slim), L type(common type), G type (public transport).


Keep improving, supreme quality

Shanghai Fuji infuses its spirit to pursue perfection into manufacturing of escalator;strict material selection and manufacturing procedures, detailed design,perfect integration between quality and design, making each product refined and outstanding.


Advanced production procedures

Over production process adopts advanced production line, applies large scaled positioning dragon gate to guarantee precise production technology, and stable quality.


Sturdy build body

The truss material shall consistently use angle steel on which is easier to carry out surface anti-rust solutions; While the internal side of rectangle steel is difficult for anti-rust solutions, and generally not carry out these solutions. With the same section area, the surface area of rectangle steel is larger, and thus the amount need anti-rust solution is also larger. And the rectangle steel material is thinner, and it has large influence to the truss rigdity and strength after the anti-rust operation. With the same section area, the deflection of the truss material using angle steel is smaller than that of the material using rectangle steel, and it tends not to be distorted.


Important parts with high level performance

Adopt polyurethane made accessory ring with large diameter, guaranteeing more stable operation, lower noise and longer service life.

Skirt guard panel and internal and external cover plate adopt stainless steel material with high strength, which is sturdy and durable, at the meantime seemingly luxurious and glorious.


Humanistic design, safety takes first priority

Safety withstanding experience of time will be elevator quality for inheritance.Each detailed change in Shanghai Fuji Elevator is responsibility as to passenger.Since the moment when you stepping in Shanghai Fuji Escalator, there will be nothing occurring besides safety,comfort,stability.


Band-type brake in the middle

The main machine adopts band-type brake in the middle achieving excellent braking effect, improving safety.


Floor plate with duel lap joint

Floor plate with duel lap joint is more safe and reliable.


Visualized part design

Traffic light,skirt guard panel illumination, yellow broach,stair boundary and so on provide visualized parts, taking the effect of alarming,thus guiding passengers in safe ride.

There are tow braking switches for Shanghai Fuji Escalator; there is one red emergent stopping button respectively in passageway; when there is malfunction arising in escalator, the escalator stops emergently, which can avoid injury and financial damage effectively.


Malfunction display

When there is malfunction arising, malfunction core will be displayed in display, ensuring effective,rapid and accurate maintenance.



Shanghai Fuji Elevator always focus on green energy conservation field, breaks through common design,creates brand new performance of energy conservation in elevator, welcoming 4G green life revolution of escalator.

G1 highly efficient drive syste

Compared with traditional ceaseless system, Shanghai Fuji elevator adopts leading-edge drive system,improving efficiency by 23%.

G2 can adopt intelligent bypass frequency conversion technology

Escalator starts with Y-and operates in Y collection to save energy when inspecting empty load within setting time; when microwave diffuse reflection device examines that there is passenger, control system makes auto-induction and switches to Y mode for operation to provide sufficient output torque, realizing normal work of system.

The energy system can save electric power by 30%, at the meantime improve service life of equipment, reduce operation cost. Even when there is malfunction arising in energy system, escalator can operate normally in the way of Y.


G3 has main rail of oil trap

Escalator standard adopts main rail system with guide in sides, oil trap and thickness being 3mm, which prevents leakage of grease at the meantime when realizing highly precise horizontal 



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