VVVFControl System Passenger Elevator

A vertical elevator powered by an electric motor, equipped with a box pod for people in multi-storey buildings. A fixed lifting equipment serving the floor.

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Shanghai Fuji life elevator series

Inheritance-quality elevator

Elevators which know more about life

Shanghai Fuji elevator always has great originality in elevators and elaborately devotes more energy in life.So each elevator is works of sincerity to life.

Elevator which knows more about life

Before packing and delivery, each Shanghai Fuji elevator must pass the strict test of Shanghai Fuji elevator. Each detail,from design,installation to operation monitoring, is in control to make sure clients can be delivered with most safe,reliable and excellent elevator products.


What is a life elevator?

Base on more than twenty years of elevator manufacturing experience and technological research & development.Shanghai Fuji initiated the living elevator, has a deep insight into the interactive experience among an elevator,life and people,designed the elevator in a humanized way and handled it in details by exceeding the industrial standard so as to create elevators which supply more conveniences in daily life.

How does Shanghai Fuji create the life elevator?

For instance, our research personnel of living elevator found that the purblind old people usually spend a long time in choosing the base station button,which is the most frequently operated button. So we optimized the operating panel and used the big strip inching button of base station so that the purblind ones can choose their target floors quickly.

Which aspects are concretely embodied in the living elevator?

Apart from such a big strip base station button,we have already initially developed the delayed closing time called inside and outside,central ceiling ventilation system, short accessible folding handrail,specialized abrasive floor and other brand-new function settings.Besides, we will research and develop more detailed functions for living elevator so as to add more humanistic concerns and life interests for people s daily life trips.


Internet of things technology

We have realized remote monitoring, automatic alarm, remote control, diagnosis, maintenance and other diversified functions.

Delayed closing called inside and outside

When the inside and outside call button is pressed for over 2 seconds, the open time will be prolonged after an elevator arrives at a stop.

Big strip inching button of base station

It helps people not only to extremely easily identify the base station and but also to receive a response by slightly contacting such a button so the purblind ones can take an elevator efficiently and fast.

Specialized abrasive floor

The floor is made from rubber to enhance the whole non-skid property and thus avoid any potential safety hazard due to a rainy day or ponding.

Central ceiling ventilation system

An integrative suspended ceiling is adopted in the elevator car. The fan on the top can directly blow air into the car.Meanwhile, a ventilation opening is set at the car bottom so that the air flowing up and down can rapidly get rid of all sorts of abnormal smells inside of the car.

High-standard illuminating system

The dedicated LED illuminating system for living elevator is more reasonable in car temperature control so that the whole car can be more bright and warm and reach the effect which is most suitable for eyes.

Short caring and convenient handrail

It provides the elderly, children and those who unable to move freely with convenience,safety and caring without occupying the space in the car.

Car wall foaming technique

With the foaming filling technique, the wall in the car makes people feel more silent and comfortable during the running of living elevator.

Makes life tranquil and wonderful

Real life is not always full of passion but peace of mind and comfort in steadiness as well as caring and enjoyment in convenience. Shanghai Fuji elevator offers the elevator products required for the most livable life to passengers by virtue of its inheritance-level quality and humanistic creation concept.

The motor grade is improve to grade 32.Therefore, the elevator can run more stably; the motor can emit less heat; the electric appliances can have longer service lives; and the thermal efficiency can meet the grade II energy efficiency.

Optimized structural makes its structure more compact and reasonable, and further improves the bearing life.

The magnetic circuit design with two groups of autonomous block brake can further reduce the power, noise and tempreture rise of brake.



A new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless machine

The permanent magnet synchronous gearless machine,advanced international design and lean manufacturing standard is adopted in the living elevator of Shanghai Fuji so that its overall operating performance is largely enhanced and unceasing powerful kinetic energy can be provided to the elevator drive,thus,the elevator can be safe,efficient and energy-saving all the time.


Microcomputer control system

The CANBUS bus serial communication is adopted to ensure rapid,remote and reliable transmission of mass data.

With the advanced fault self-diagnosis and recording function, security data can be commanded at any time.

The nearly zero-to-zero flat floor precision can be achieved with the high-precision car displacement detection technology.

The elevator can be guaranteed to be stable and controllable with strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability and a strong anti-static electricity capacity.


A new generation of door-motor system

The variable frequency closed-loop control technology with high precision and high reliability is adopted.

A 32-bit DSP processer with a stronger controllability and computational capability is used.

The control MCU and drive DSP monitor control each other in the way of communication protocol so as to guarantee that the procedure can run reliably all the time.

With the synchronous belt drive, the variable frequency motor can directly drive the car door,therefore,there are fewer transmission components, the reliability of whole unit is high,the running noise is lower.


Create a safe and environmentally-friendly elevator-taking experience

Excellent safety components of elevator are selected from thousands of components and parts each key link of running up and down is comprehensively considered so as to carefully achieve the optimal elevator running coordination. The three safety components of living elevator of Shanghai Fuji integrate tiny design details in subtle life, provide multiple safety protections and all-dimensionally show the way of safe life of Shanghua life elevators.


With the oil-gas separation technology,the consistence of buffer performance is extremely good, the outer parts,which are treated with electrophoretic paint, have a stronger environmental suitability.


Speed governor and safety gear

The upward and downward overspeed detection governor with excellent performance is used to match up with the advanced safety gear. Laser phase-change intensified processing technique is used in block of safety gear so its surface hardness reaches HV700.Friction coefficients can keep consistent in high-speed and low-speed conditions. The reasonably designed structure can guarantee minimum damages to be reduced to the guide rail during movement of safety gear.


The energy regeneration technology can make a building more outstanding

The advanced international energy regeneration technology adopted by shanghai Fuji elevator can convert the energy consumed in break resistor in braking mode of elevator into a green renewable energy, which can be used by other electric equipment in the same power system free of contamination, so that a buildings energy loss and consumption can be reduced greatly. This is rather environmentally-friendly.

Energy efficiency level certification

Both the energy efficiency testing data and rating result show that the general efficiency level of Shanghai Fuji elevator is Level A. This evaluating result provides guidance standards for Shanghua Fujis further devotion to the development of sustainable buildings.


VDI 4707 is the first global certification standard for energy efficiency levels of elevator issued in March 2009 by the Association of German Engineers. An elevator should be measured according to the standard configuration.


Outstanding performance is guaranteed with exquisite designs

Shanghai Fuji elevator scientifically designs products by using the professional three-demensional design software so that the sharing of product design information,collaborative design,part modeling,curve modeling,sheet metal design,finite element analysis and other aspects can be embodied more vividly and visually and thus both exquisite products and outstanding performance can be guaranteed.

As one of the most important modern design and analysis techniques, the finite element analysis, which replaces experience analogue design with theoretical design, is widely used in elastic-plastic mechanics, fracture mechnics, fluid mechanics, heat conduction and other fields. Shanghai Fuji elevator carried out all sorts of mechanical analyses on all key parts of elevator by through the finite analysis so as to guarantee a consistent high quality of each elevator.

The finite analysis causes revolutionary changes in design of elevator products, enhances the reliability, rationality, stability and safety of elevator, and plays an immeasurable role in judgement of design results,secondary development,error control and engineering problems etc. With the help of the advanced analysis technology, Shanghai Fuji elevator surely will continuously improve its product quality and thus provide a powerful backup force for fierce market competition.



Operation panel

Integrated car operation panel, combined –type buttons SHFJ-CZ015M3ZWFW

Ceiling: mirror stainless steel LED light SHFJ-DT012

Floor: rubber floor SHFJ-DP005

Handrail: stainless steel SHFJ-FS001

Riser: hairline stainless steel

Front wall: hairline stainless steel

Car wall: hairline stainless steel+mirror stainless steel decoration strip


Intenet of things technology

High-quality rubber abrasive floor

Big strip inching button of base station

Car wall foaming technology

Living illumination design

Caring and convenient short handrail

Optimized ventilation design inside of the car

Intelligent delayed closing function of inside and outside call of elevator



Operation panel

Integrated car operation panel, combined –type buttons SHFJ-CZ015DZWFW

Ceiling: mirror stainless steel LED light SHFJ-DT010A

Floor: rubber floor SHFJ-DP005

Handrail: stainless steel SHFJ-FS001

Riser: hairline stainless steel

Front wall: hairline stainless steel

Car wall: hairline stainless steel


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