Passenger Lift With VVVF

machineroomless and the machine room is mainly: the elevator shaft is on the top of the machine room, the top structure of the elevator well does not set the position of the machine room, only use the inorganic room elevator, machineroomless price will be slightly higher.

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SL6000 Series Passenger Lift

First in the market, keeping pace with global advancement. A brand new elevator design made from the amalgamation of Europe s best elevator design. With XJ Schindler premium control technique, your ride experience is simply delightful.


According to data analysis,XJ Schindler elevators waste reduces 52% more energy in standby mode.

Leading energy conservation techology reduces 52% power consumption by elevators in standby mode.

XJ Schindler Series Elevators can transit smoothly between hibernate mode when left unused for a prolonged period of time and normal mode when in use. This greatly reduces the power consumption of elevators to a mere 47W.


According to records: The effective operation of an elevator operation on a 24-hour basis is only 3-6 hours.When the elevator is on standby mode, the power wastage is approximately 300W. Cumulatively, the overall power wasted per year is approximately 2100kWh.This implies that supposedly, $1200 can be saved from the power wastage when elevator is in standby mode.The total amount of energy wasted by the world is almost equal to the total energy produced by Qinshan Nuclear Station for 10 years.

SL6000 5 unique protection techniques

Door Zone protection  No more lift slide incident

When the lift doors are opened,lift slide incidents can occur due to a spectrum of reasons.Before lift slide incidents can even actualise, our door protection system will be able to detect any abnormal movements by the elevator. When the elevator slide by 5cm, the protection system will be activated and the elevator will brake and stop within 20cm from the landing level. This prevents major lift slide incidents from occuring.


Absolute position and leveling control

We have resolved the problem of passengers being sent to the wrong level.

Our system will track the status of the elevator by accurately calculating the elevator position and operational data to safeguard the safety of our passengers. In this aspect,we are proud to be in line with the chinese and european passenger lift standards.


Non-door Zone protection

Prevents passengers from falling into the hoistway while climbing out of the elevator during emergency.

When the elevator is at the non-door zone,the doors of the elevator will be locked to keep our passengers safe.


AX530 Professional Analysis 85% reduction in mantrap incident

Real time analysis of elevator operational data which automatically classify the nature of each breakdown into safe and unsafe malfunctions.

Energy-saving technology

When the elevator is in stand-by mode, other than the mild-illuminating hall call buttons,all other elevator parts utilize minimum energy.Hence, the total energy used when the elevator is in standby mode is less than 50VA.

Variable voltage variable frequency lift drive

Variable voltage variable frequency lift drive employs frequency inverter technology which regulates input voltage and frequency throughout the journey,drawing much less current during acceleration and deceleration.

VVVF drive offers low starting current (approximately 1.8x of the rated current),high power factor(i.e. better efficiency in power supply) with good ride quality and floor leveling. It can reduce motor starting currents by as much as 50 to 80% compared with conventional motor drives.Further, wear and tear of the equipment can also be less during start/stop of the motor by using VVVF motor drive.BCA Green Mark compliance.

XJ Schindler high power sixth generation traction machine

High-performance braking system

Efficient and excellent torque

Stable and low-noise

100% full dynamic testing at the factory

Awarded with 2 patent technologies

Stable and reliable XJ Schindler control system

In our military grade dual 32-bit CPU chip,each individual chip has independent operator to manage the data and information.

With the CPU chips operating independently from one another, it completely isolates the input and output information, hence effectively reduces interruption.

4 way canbus main control,up to 9 external midrange, suitable for control of complex industries.

Recognition from international safety committee.

Modular industrial design with flexible configuration to suit different environments.

Excellent heat dissipation design.

Qualified IEC255,EN12015,EN12016,IEC61000,CISPR11 standards

Accurate and reliable synchronous direct drive door system

Permanent Magnet Traction machine is advance and reliable.

Simultaneous closure of landing door and car door and full control of door opening/closing

High efficiency and speed: door opening/closing duration 2.04s

Low noise: door noise of 38 Db

Recognised by world elevator quality supervision and inspection WINET13-004

Latest motor-roomless technology

Our motor roomless hoistway is a patented design. With the ultra slim traction machine positioned at the side of the hoistway and decentralized control positioned separately at the top and inside of the hoistway, it provides greater convenience and freedom during the installation of the lift. Furthermore, this motor roomless design can reduce the cost required to build approximately 1 storey and is aptly designed to suit different building structures.

Ultra-smooth hoistway system

In our ultra-smooth hoistway system,we used a high performance guide boot, wear-resistant boot lining and automated oil absorption box. This combination of high quality gadgets ensures smooth operation of the elevator and is, at the same time,friendly to the environment with no oil-stain.

Ultra-slim traction machine

Specially designed to complement with motorroomless technology, the ultra-slim traction machine has a thickness of 170mm, allowing it to be fitted into the hoistway snugly. On top of being ultra-slim,our traction machine also has a rotary encoder that is positioned at the front of the convenience of motor-roomless debugging operation.

Decentralized control cabinet

Our decentralized control cabnet has a master control cabinet located at the length of the hoistway and an auxiliary control cabinet at the top, freeing up more space in the hoistway.

Having met the international IEC standards, our voltage resistor,cable,components, 300 heat-resistor and 0.75m cross sectional area of wire, our elevators are affirmed to be more reliable.

Noise/vibration isolation

By incorporating our unique isolation technique together with the special positioning of traction machine,we have successfully scaled down the noise level caused by operation of elevator by 30%.

Passenger lift that enables rescue operation

Install this model of elevator for the safety of all passengers

Sharing the social responsibility of keeping every individual around us safe,we have developed this new model of elevator which has a bigger cabin to accommodate large medical equipment such as stretcher.

This elevator has a special interior design that enables the accommodation of stretcher and sickbed which is especially suitable for more than 120 types of rescues. As this elevator is uniquely tailored for rescue operation, we have ensured that the control system is highly reliable which will bypass all hall calls in times of emergency. This elevator can be installed in residential estates,schools,commercial building, hotels,shopping malls and other buildings.


Reliable supplier to Tianjing for 5 years

This unique elevator design has received much compliments since the implementation of Tianjing Residential Elevator Design Standard on 1 May 2007. We have since become the supplier of this elevator to Tianjing for 5 years.

Latest residential elevator design standard

According to the GB50096-2011 residential design guidelines jointly metted out by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, State General Administration of the Peoples Republic of China for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine(AQSIQ) and Republic of China, it was stated that there should not be less than 2 elevators in a residential building that exceeds 11 floors.On top of that, one of the elevators must be able to accommodate a medical stretcher.

Able to accommodate stretcher

This model of elevator has a bigger cabin with a depth of 2100mm,it will be able to accommodate medical stretcher,wheelchair and any medical equipment to cater to any special needs.

Rescue system

When the rescue system is being activated, the elevator will be sent to the desired floor at accelerated speed. The elevator will not respond to any hall calls under such condition to reach  the desired floor as soon as possible.

Door opening/closing delay

Door Opening /Closing Delay

Door opening/closing delay is specially designed for this model of elevator so that the doors of the elevator can remain opened for a longer period of time during the transfer of passengers on medical equipment.


Power Failure Rescue System

In times of power failure, this rescue system will send the elevator to the nearest landing floor to let the passengers out.

Compact Hoistway Design

Customers can choose between motor-roomless design or small motor-room design for this model of elevator. Our compact motor-room will effectively reduce the amount of space required in the hoistway making installation of elevator more convenient. This elevator differs from the conventional medical elevator in terms of the dimensions where medical elevator is much bigger in size and consumes more energy. Hence, this elevator is more energy efficient and reduces its operation cost.



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