Passenger Lift/Elevator For Apartments Hotels Railway Stations Metro Station Subway Station

The machine room for our passenger lift is just an extension of the hoistway and it is easy to construction and costs less. The intelligent control system which can greatly imporve the operationl efficiency of elevator is used.

Product Details

Types of:elevatorPlace of birth:China (Mainland)Drive Type:AC
Brand:VOLKSLIFT ELEVATORusage:Residential elevator
Elevator Type:Passenger liftproduct name:Passenger liftmaterial:Stainless steel 304
floor:PVC floorengine room:No room

Residential Hydraulic Passenger Elevator in China With High Technology

Product Application

a.The passenger elevator are designed for different types of residential buildings, villas residential, office buildings.

b.High performance elevator parts, permanent magnet synchronous drive and intelligent door system, safe and reliable. 

c.For Large-Scale Buildings Vertical passenger flow. 

d.Provide planning design production and installation and monitoring service of operating. 

e.For Luxury residential buildings/Shopping Centers/CBD/Hotels. 

Optional compensation


Small machine room elevator


Ceiling light show/Floor show



Human-machine inter face 


Construction parameters



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