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Hyundai elevator sets a new benchmark, moving beyond yesterday’s concept of value.Yesterday’s value which defined an elevator as a machine connecting vertical space,is fading.

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Hyundai elevator sets a new benchmark, moving beyond yesterdays concept of value.Yesterdays value which defined an elevator as a machine connecting vertical space,is fading. Hyundai elevator presents a new standard that makes people feel safe, comfortable, and happy in elevators.

An elevator for the people: the mission of YZERI.

A new standard of living and true concern for people

Bringing people and elevators closer

Elevators that make people happy

Hyundai elevator has raised these questions continuously should an elevator be perceived only as a means of transport? Are those convenience and attractive design should be prioritized?

An elevator that serves as a companion to people and reflects their needs:this is the new philosophy and technology embraced by Hyundai Elevators YZER I.

Ultra slim LED ceiling applied to all products

All products are outfitted with an ultra slim LED ceiling [50mm],which provides roominess in both height and width inside the elevator.

Smart indicator [optional]

An industry first, the Smart indicator delivers a pleasant environment in any conditions by means of an anion double-clean system and ultrasonic pest-repellant function. Its LCD display with an integrated CCTV assures safer elevator operation.

More convenient, more comfortable

Elevator that understands people

An elevator that values people and space

Efficient horizontal space that allows people to get on and off an elevator with ease, as well as a ceiling height that achieves a pleasing, soothing space, this is the philosophy of space embodied by Hyundai elevator s YZERI.  

High-performance,eco-friendly traction machine

Built with technology developed at the company s R&D center in the Korean headquarters,the ultra-small YZER I traction machine delivers the worlds highest standard of quality. As the essence of modern technology, it promises convenient maintenance by operating on an oil-free traction system that does not need regular oiling of its bearing unit.

Minimized hoistway size

Minimized hoistway size and elimination of a machineroom reduce construction costs and incidental expenses to the greatest extent thanks to a shortened construction schedule.

21% reduction in hoistway[1000kg capactiy],compared with the companys existing products.


Minimized pit length [1200mm]

Efficient pit space with a minimized length of 1200mm has become possible through topside arrangement of the suspension structure.

300mm reduction in length

Key features

Ultra slim LED ceiling

Eco-friendly LED ceiling provides higher, roomier space and reduces eye fatigue.

Ultra slim LED Ceiling [50mm] applied to all products

Higher ceiling offers a more spacious and pleasant interior space.

Reduced power consumption lowers maintenance costs and brighter interior space eases eye fatigue.

Anti-virus handrail [optional]

Handrails are exposed to many germs through constant touching, but the use of antimicrobial materials protects users from harmful viruses.

Virus-resistant materials [optional]

The safest, most convenient handrails employ the latest ergonomic design and motion analysis as well as antimicrobial materials.

YZER I family look

A two-tone, black and silver color combination completes the Hyundai elevator family-look. The operating panel, indicator, and hall button all share an open-type design, allowing for easier maintenance.



Smart indicator [optional]

Time/date info display

An LCD display improves user convenience by providing easy access to information such as date,time,and floor.It boasts a sophisticated design and dramatically enhanced readability.

Smart care for health

Double-clean system maintains clean air in the elevator.

Double-clean system equipped with Air-cleaning and antiseptic functions

An anion-generating air cleaner that works year-round and an indicator combine to produce an all-in-one design. Clean interior air quality is maintained through the complete elimination of undesirable active oxyen and germs.

Visual recognization of system operation is easy since Air-clean,Anion,and anti-virus are displayed in sequence.

Over 100,000 anions are released per 1 cc of air, keeping air clean and fresh at all times.

More than 99% of harmful substances, including viruses,are removed [after four hours operation]

This system achieves eliminating malodorous substances.

Smart care for safety

Smart indicator helps passengers to see safety functions with their own eyes.

CCTV security info display system

When CCTV is operated, the smart indicator displays a CCTV graphic.This prevents crime by alerting people for potential crimes in a closed space.

CCTV security Info display system requires installation of CCTV [optional].

Ultrasonic pest-repellant function

Colorless and odorless ultrasonic waves eradicates,mosquitoes and other pests, to create a pleasant interior space,which up to now was hard to achieve due to frequent door-opening.


IBS system [card key]

It enables effective security and crime prevention by limiting entry/exit by outsiders.

By placing the card key against the operating panel reader, users may select all floors or only one floor.

Operating panel card reader

Exclusive elevator control provides integrated security access control. The card key is readable from 5 to 8 centimeters away.

Black box-type CCTV

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