High Efficient ,low Consumption Schindler Genuine MRL Passenger Lift with Optional Function Can Be Used in the Airport,Shopping Mall

1. Name of product:passenger lift 2. Information of product 3. Main technical parameter Schindler 3300 AP series of passenger elevator introduction Schindler 3300AP MRL series of products with no machine room load from 400kg to 1150kg, the speed is from 1m/s to 1.75m/s, the Max stop is 25 floors...

Product Details

1. Name of product:passenger lift

2. Information of product

Brand name:


Model number


Manufacture standard:


Place of origin


3. Main technical parameter

Product name

passenger lift


MRL elevators

speed range


capacity range


Maximum travelling floor


maximum travelling height



three standards decoration

applicable place

residence、office building

Schindler 3300 AP series of passenger elevator introduction

Schindler 3300AP MRL series of products with no machine room load from 400kg to 1150kg, the speed is from 1m/s to 1.75m/s, the Max stop is 25 floors and it is applicable for low and middle building, for example, high-grade residences and low –middle demand office buildings、hotels、museums. It can be made small machine room project (Schindler 3300AP MMR) which satisfied the different architecture planning demand. One product with two arrangements can simplify the supply for spare part of elevator.

Schindler 3300AP MMR is the product with small machine room and highest speed is up to 1.75m/s and the Max stop is 25 floors which is applicable for middle-high residence and commercial 

Security system

Schindler 3300 AP series of elevator used the safest protective system. Apart from routine safety component、for example, safety gear、over speed governor、buffer, much electronic protection measures are used.  It makes the elevator to be a safe load under any circumstances.The performance is more superior and lifetime is long.

Control system

Schindler 3300 AP series of elevator adopts Schindler newest developing elevator control system: Bionic 5. Its core service cost calculation principle is most advanced and most accurate dispatch principle. 

Control function

full-load by pass  

Home landing number indicator

Car number indicator   

Pre-selective direction indicator

Home landing and car multi-function information indicator 

Full load by pass 

Door close button  

Door opening button  

Automatic releveling (automatic configuration according to hoist height)

Lighting automatic close     

Fan automatic close (if the fan is optional)  

Self-adaptive door opening time      

Infrared ray door light screen protection 

Buzzer Alarm button    

Door area indicator(control cabinet )  Emergency light
Fireman return function BR1
Over load protection (sound and signal indicator)
Beyond travel time protection
Travel hour counter Travel times counter 
test travel control
Call-back equipment Automatic test Door close stress limit
hoist way temperature test

Rich design

Design and function of the combination of the United States and the United States to create a comfortable lift can be divided into, the three major decorating series through the color of the material and the configuration of the ingenious mix with the building

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Some big projects using Schindler products

Beijing new world square、Beijing zhuangsheng square、Beijing CNOOC building、Beijing century city、Beijing subway、Shanghai international shimao square、Shanghai tomorrow square、Shanghai henglong square、Shanghai international meeting center、Shanghai light rail bright pear line、Shanghai magnetic suspension、Shanghai new field、Shanghai Healton、Nanjing Sheraton、Nanjing new world、Nanjing business century square、Nanjing new century square、Nanjing subway、Guangzhou triumph new world 、Guangzhou subway、Chongqing Healton、Chongqing sheng ying zhou、Shenzhen CITIC city square、Shenzhen huarun center、Kunming tianheng hotel、Kunming south west business building、Wuhan new world、Tianjin wanshun garden、Tianjin xinda square、Suzhou international building、Wenzhou big natural home、Xiament mingfa business square、Shandong zibo ceramics city、Qingdao conference and exhibition center、Shenyang five continents business square、Dalian triumph square、Jianwai SOHO.

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