Top Grade Luxury Monarch Control Passenger Elevator With 6-21 Persons

In 1999,Hyundai elevator introduced the YZER,Koreafirst MRL[Machineroomless]elevator.In 2015,the company rewrote MRL history with the introduction of the YZER I.

Product Details


YZERI-D type

Car design

Ceiling: CD199B/ stainless hairline,LED Bar type module[P022],Ceiling plate[painted steel/P025]

Car wall: stainless hairline, stainless hairline etching [SE2312]

Handrail:1FW[Optional]/virus-resistant single bar[wood pattern],Aluminum bracket

Car door: STS hairline etching [SE2312]

Car operating panel: OPP-N364[Optional]

Flooring: PVC [FH-15]

Indicator:PI-L210[Optional]/smart indicator,anion air cleaner,



Jamb: stainless hairline/201type

Transom panel: stainless hairline

Door: stainless hairline etching[SE2310]

Hall button: HPB-621

Indicator: PI-D700

100 Type

Jamb: stainless hairline/100 type

Door: stainless hairline etching[SE2310]

Hall button: HIP-D621

50 Type

Jamb: stainless hairline/50 type

Door: stainless hairline etching [SE2310]

Hall button: HIP-D621



Minimal space, maximum value

In 1999,Hyundai elevator introduced the YZER,Koreafirst MRL[Machineroomless]elevator.In 2015,the company rewrote MRL history with the introduction of the YZER I.

By minimizing hoistway size,the YZER I reduces spatial needs while increasing customer value.

Enhanced safety through the application of international standards

Guaranteed safe operation by using ropes that meet international standards


Simple installation, fast delivery

Application of rail mounting-type traction system

Easy to set up, because beam sleeve installation at top of the hoistway is not necessary.

20% shorter installation period

Not necessary to build footholds at the top and bottom of the hoistway.

Simplify process through the use of jigs for exclusive use.

Less burden on construction design and lower construction costs.

Easier maintenance and improved customer safety

A high-performance,eco-friendly traction machine with a proven track record.

Oil-free traction system not requiring regular oiling of the bearing unit

It is easier to maintain because on-site brake adjustment is not necessary.

Hoistway plan and section

YZERI hoistway exploits minimal space,is the product of extensive R&D by Hyundai elevator leading technical experts. Besides contributing to superior performance and riding comfort,it achieves a refined architecture design. The end result is the most efficient use of building space, lower construction costs, and easier maintenance.

Building work


1.       Drilling holes in the walls near the elevator entrance on each floor.[for the entrance,hall button,hall lantern,etc.] and wall&floor-finish work after elevator installation[including mortar grouting]

2.       Installation of steel reinforcement to fix jambs on the left and right sides of the entrance.

3.       Installation of ladder for pit inspection.

4.       Finish work after waterproofing of the inside of pit and mounting of the buffer.

5.       Supply and installation of hoistway enclosure or separating beam materials [when necessary].

6.       Construction of concrete or beam-structured hoistway walls [at least 150mm thick] where rail brackets can be fixed.

7.       Removal of wedge pins and molds from, and cleaning of, hoistway walls.

8.       Provision of space [at no cost] where construction equipment and materials can be stored.

9.       Destruction of concrete structures which are inconsistent with design plans and necessary finish work.

10.   Installation of lighting fixtures in the hoistway[minimum 100 lux lights to be installed at top and bottom of the hoistway]

11.   Hoisting beam or hook installation to lift machines to the top of hoistway ceiling

12.   Miscellaneous[as indicated in drawings]

Eletrical work


1.       Electrical outlet wiring

2.       Piping and wiring for electric wires from the monitoring system to the hoistway if such a system is set up.

3.       Piping and wiring for electric wires if a CCTV is installed.

4.       Miscellaneous[as indicated in drawings]

5.       Power and lighting wiring for power supply in the hoistway[for installed power capacity,please see drawings for power system construction to be done by other contractors]

6.       Installation of a power distribution box including the electrical room for elevator use [it shall be installed near the hoistway. For installed power capacity, please see drawings for power system construction to be done by other contractors]

7.       Power system construction that maintains the line voltage fluctuation of a power-distribution source and a light within the range of +5% to -10% and with in +/-2% respectively.

8.       Piping and wiring for outlets used for pit inspection lighting.

9.       Power supply for construction and test operation during installation[at no cost]

10.   Piping and wiring for an emergency call apparatus between the elevator or control unit and the central control room/security office[electric wire specifications:per elevator unit,UTP 0.5mm*2P]


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