Schindler Door with Infrared Light Curtain Protection Machine Room Elevator Function Can Be Applied to Residential Arcades Hotel Room Elevators Etc

1. Name of product:passenger lift 2. Information of product 3. Main technical parameter Traction System The main function of the traction system is the output and transfer power, which can make the running of elevator. The traction system is mainly composed of traction machine, traction rope,...

Product Details

1. Name of product:passenger lift

2. Information of product

Brand name:


Model number:


Manufacture standard:


Place of origin:


3. Main technical parameter

Product name

passenger lift


small machine room

speed range


capacity range


maximum travelling floor


maximum travelling height



three standards decoration

applicable place

residence、office building

Traction System

The main function of the traction system is the output and transfer power, which can make the running of elevator. The traction system is mainly composed of traction machine, traction rope, guide wheel, pulley.

Guiding system

The main function of the steering system is to limit the car and counterweight to the freedom of movement, so that the car and counterweight can only be moved along the rail movements. The guiding system is mainly composed of guide rail, guide shoe and guide rail frame.

The car

A car is an elevator component for transporting passengers and cargo. The car is composed of car frame and car body.

Gate system

The main function of the door system is sealed and the car entrance entrance station. Door system consists of car door, door, door machine, door lock device.

Weight balance system: the main function of the system is relatively balanced car weight, can make the car with the heavy weight difference between stay in the limits in the elevator work, to ensure the normal traction drive lift. The system is mainly composed of counterweight and weight compensation device.

Electric drive system

Electric drive system function is to provide power, the implementation of elevator speed control. The electric drive system consists of traction motor, power supply system, speed feedback device, motor speed control device etc..

electric control system

The main function of electric control system is to control and control the operation of elevator. Electrical control system is mainly composed of control device, position display device, control screen (cabinet), flat layer device, layer selection device and so on.

Safety protection system

Ensure safe use of elevator, prevent all accidents that endanger personal safety. By speed limiter, safety clamp, buffer, end station protection device.


Passenger elevators, elevators designed to transport passengers, mainly for residential buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Control function

full-load by pass (standard)

Three station intercom (standard)

overload control (standard)

car emergency lighting device (standard) 

door light curtain protection (standard)

self-learning travel function (standard)  

car fan/light automatic close (standard)

door opening and closing time control (standard) 

alarm button (standard)

buzzer (standard)

fireman return function (standard) 

home landing locking function (standard)

attendant function  (optional)

five station intercom (optional)

automatic return home floor (optional)

forced door closing (optional)
monitor disk interface (optional)
card reader interface (optional)
anti-nuisance function (optional)
car arrival gong (optional)
disabled function (optional)
CCTV coaxial cable (optional )
automatic relevelling (optional)

Parts display

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Beijing Bei'an Huadian Elevator Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is for the domestic and overseas in the elevator sales, installation, maintenance, renovation, maintenance and operation services, spare parts sales and lift technology consulting company.

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Elevator design, manufacture, modification, installation, maintenance, crane installation / sale: elevator, elevator accessories, crane, crane accessories, hardware, electrical appliances; processing: Hardware; scaffolding. Import and export import and export of goods and technology import and export.

Product scope of application:

The main products are passenger elevator, sightseeing elevator, villa elevator, hospital bed elevator, escalator, automatic sidewalk, cargo elevator, car elevator debris elevator

Our project

Some big projects using Schindler products

Beijing new world square、Beijing zhuangsheng square、Beijing CNOOC building、Beijing century city、Beijing subway、Shanghai international shimao square、Shanghai tomorrow square、Shanghai henglong square、Shanghai international meeting center、Shanghai light rail bright pear line、Shanghai magnetic suspension、Shanghai new field、Shanghai Healton、Nanjing Sheraton、Nanjing new world、Nanjing business century square、Nanjing new century square、Nanjing subway、Guangzhou triumph new world 、Guangzhou subway、Chongqing Healton、Chongqing sheng ying zhou、Shenzhen CITIC city square、Shenzhen huarun center、Kunming tianheng hotel、Kunming south west business building、Wuhan new world、Tianjin wanshun garden、Tianjin xinda square、Suzhou international building、Wenzhou big natural home、Xiament mingfa business square、Shandong zibo ceramics city、Qingdao conference and exhibition center、Shenyang five continents business square、Dalian triumph square、Jianwai SOHO.

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