Passenger Elevator Used For Apartments Hotels Railway Stations Metro Station Subway Station

It has internationalized elevator & escalator manufacture workshops, standard production flow

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Intelligence drives better development.High &new tech leads a bright future.Amid of the tide of “intellectual transformation”, FUSIJG elevator leads all the way through with grand manner of winner.

Intellectual manufacture

It combines with “internet+”elements.It arranges SAP, MES information system etc. It fulfills full coverage of information system to various production sectors. It basically fulfills automated installations. It constructs digital factory with high technical content, leading automation standard.In future, it will comprehensively push forward the transformation of intellectual manufacture.

High-tech fine quality elevators

Full concentration fulfills classical elevators

It has internationalized elevator & escalator manufacture workshops, standard production flow. It entirely applies green environment protection paint for workshop ground. It is clean and bright.It ensures highly clean workshops. It strictly divides the posts of various functional zones and production areas with proper and orderly production flow-line, rational arrangement of production modes, grand and professional production lines. With scientific and standard management flow, it guarantees the best elevator&escalator quality to maximum extent.

Innovation brings about brilliance.

FUSIJG elevators and escalators are swift and graceful, grand and smooth.Various parts are perfectly produced and combined with smooth and peaceful up/down motion. It is equipped with high strength truss.Overall structure ensures high precision between various parts. Surface of brand-new human-centered steps applies special speckle machine technique with precision coordination with comb-teeth. It effectively prevents any foreign matter from entering into inner escalator.It thus ensures safe up/down to vast passengers.

Parallel and cross continuous arrangement


Intermittent and continuous arrangement


It effectively changes human lives

New generation permanent magnet synchronous traction machine

New generation permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine chooses rare earth material. It fully merges with co-axial drive technology, digital variable frequency technology and group-computer combined technology with low running cost and low energy loss.

Door machine system

Door machine system integrates permanent magnet technology,variable frequency control synchronous belt drive into one with smooth & effective operation,low noise. 

Small machineroom passenger elevator

Small machine room passenger elevator applies effective energy-saving, low rotating speed permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine. Compared with same load level geared elevator, it saves over 33% of energy. Specially-designed small bulk control cabinet combines with the most advanced low-loss IGBT and the best design plan.It perfectly arranges the machine room space.



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