luxury decoration commercial Passenger Elevator From 450kg To 2000kg

205m ultra-high test tower, 18m/s super high speed, represents the leading technology and manufacturing capability of Hyundai elevator.

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Advanced technology and trusted service

205m ultra-high test tower, 18m/s super high speed, represents the leading technology and manufacturing capability of Hyundai elevator.

The Hyundai elevator elevates future, which is a wise choice for you.

Modern techniques

Control system

Integrated design of the operation control panel and the inverter double CPU avoids communication interference.

The site bus control mode effectively controls the data network system of each unit to make the call display command respond quickly and accurately.

No creep operation reduces leveling waiting time and improves operating efficiency.

Static motor magnetic pole learning mode makes maintenance and debugging convenient.

The sine and cosine encoder realizes the perfect start / stop, there is no need to install the weighing sensor, and simply adjusted by the potentiometer.

COP30D operating board and OPP display board are integrated to design.

ACII mode, there is no special character concept.

Set up the floor through the upper / lower running button, it is very convenient to set up the floor onn site.

The function of voice reporting station is convenient for disabled people to use.




High efficiency, gearless, synchronous traction machine

energy saving

Using permanent magnet motors, synchronous gearless traction machines compared with induction motors to reduce energy consumption by 25%.

Excellent riding quality

Noise and vibration are significantly reduced and provide exceptional ride experience.

Easy maintenance

Without using gear lubricants, gearless traction machines are easier to maintain, and maintenance costs are reduced without lubricating oil costs.

Energy feedback inverters make resource cycle recycled.

Up to 60% of resource saving

When the resources generated by the elevator operation are recycled, it is equivalent to save 60% of the resources (77.5% energy efficiency).

Temperature is reduced in machine room

The temperature of the machine room is reduced, and the elevator generates energy instead of heat.

Energy saving and environmental protection type LED car roof

The ultra lightweight LED car roof is durable, which consumes less energy and reduces eye fatigue.

High reliable double internal contracting brake system

If the brake on one side of the double brake system fails, the brake on the other side can be operated independently.The safety of the elevator is greatly improved.



The unique technology makes it the choice of the VIP.

Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

It is widely used in high speed and heavy capacity high-rise buildings. The main engine uses the inner rotor double brace structure, the mechanical structure is stable, the operation speed is fast and smooth, the most advanced electromagnetic scheme is designed, the temperature rise and operation noise level are far lower than the international standard, and the Japanese original imported brake is used, the action is sensitive and braking torque is stable.

Top ride is comfortable

The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is developed by the hyundai elevator. There is no vibration caused by the gear mechanical movement so that you can enjoy the experience of the top comfort and smooth ride.

Top architecture, top technology

We use energy regeneration inverter and high precision control inverter drive system to achieve optimal control of motor speed through continuous synchronous variable voltage variable frequency.This brings the most stable operation experience in history, improves energy efficiency and ultimately improves building value.

Advanced technology, even building space is considered.

Because the traction machine used by H300 allows a variety of connections, comparing with the previous asynchronous motor, the volume and weight of the traction motor are reduced by 50%.The device takes up less space and has more space for other purpose.

Intelligent system is for passengers and managers.

Based on the latest computer fusion technology, we can provide more convenient services, such as the destination floor selection system (destination floor storage system), which can not only shorten the waiting time, but also reduce unnecessary operation.And artificial intelligent group control system, suggests better operation.And computer monitoring and remote monitoring system effectively control the elevator operation.


More convenient, more comfortable, more humanized elevator.

Bring you a humanized and space - value added elevator.

Reasonable planar layout allows people to enter the elevator easily, and the spacious and bright car can make everyone enter a comfortable and stable space happily.This is the philosophy of space embodied by hyundai elevator YZER-1.

Efficient, energy saving and environment-friendly traction machine

This is an ultra small YZER-1 traction machine, which provides the world's highest standard quality products.The essence of hyundai technology is to achieve convenient maintenance through the operation of traction system without lubricating oil.



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