Household Passenger Elevator

Many spare parts of elevator will be assembled before leaving the factory. That means it is easier to install our passenger elevator than other companies and costs less.

Product Details

The layout of the machine room is changed from three beams to dual beams,so that the hoistway has a smaller widtn, the frame structure becomes smaller and there are more remaining space in the machine room 

The safety clamp device with one-piece lift system design is adopted to eliminate the under beam and optimize the pit depth

KLKS New LINGYAN series passenger elevators all sdopt hydraulic buffers,thus significantly reducing the height of the pit and the top floor.


LED Lighting Green Encironmental Friendly New Light Source

The LED lamp will turn more than 90% of the electric energy into optical energy,but its power consumption is only half of the common fluorescent lamp and 1/8 of the ordinary incandescent lamp Application of the LED will bring down the elevator's power consumption by 20%-35%

The service lift of LED lamp is 10 times longer than the ordinary fluorescent lamp,and over 100 times longer than ordinary incandescent lamp.This significantly reduces the frequency to buy or replace lamps,thus reducing the cost 

A decrease in power consunption means less carbon dioxide release and other wastes And the LED manufacturing process does not add heavy metals and other harmful substances,so it is easy to recycle, which can not only save energy but also protect environments




passenger elevator function list
Running Function
VVVF DriveVVVF Door Operator
Automatic RunningAttendant Running
VIP (special) RunningBest Curve Autogeneration 
Response in Accelerating ProcessTime-sharing Service Floor Selection
Full Load by Pass Automatic Adjustment of Door Open Holding Time
Door Re-open at Current FloorInstant Door Close
Door Open After StopArrival Gong 
Car Call CancelParking
Next Landing Self Rescue in Low Speed
Starting Torque Automatic ControllerDirect Landing 
Button Inset DiagnoseAnti-nuisance
Fire Emergency Return

Emergency Function
Emergency LightingEmergency Electric Operation
5-way intercomAlarm Bell

Energy Saving function 
Fan&Light Automatic Off Start/Stop Timing
Night time Arrival Gong Canelling Function

Safety Function
Brakeage Automatic DetectionLight Curtain Protection
Overload Stop Hoisting Rope Sliding Detection
Inspection OperationTroubleshooting
Auto-landing with FaultDoor Close Repeat
Top/bottom Limit and Final Limit ProtectionDown Running Protection
Up Running ProtectionSafety Circuit Protection
Door Interlock ProtectionMain Contactor Protection
Brake Detecting ProtectionSecurity Floor Function
Voltage Automatic Recognition Function

Human-Machine Interface
Micro Push ButtonRunning State Display
Floor Selection in Machine RoomNo Stop Floor Set
Homing Floor SetFloor Indication Set
Hoistway Self-learningInterference Evaluation
Encoder EvaluationInput Port Evaluation
COP DebuggingRunning Times and Time Record

Monitor Function
Remote MonitorResidential Area Monitor
Traction Machine Monitor

Optional Function
Running Function
Fire-fighting Linkage FunctionAdvanced Door Opening
Double Door Independent ControlRe-leveling Function
Duplex Control FunctionGroup Control Function
Car Sterilize FunctionEnergy Feedback Function
Earthquake Function
Human-Machine Interface
Voice AnnouncementBack Ground Music
Sub-C.O.P.C.O.P. For Handicapped Passengers
IC Card Control
Emergency Function
Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)


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