Black Bear Elevator High Efficiency Passenger Lift

machine roomless elevator pens an important page on the elevator industry. Permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction technology's occurance lays the steady foundations for machine roomless elevator. PM synchronous gearless traction machine owns small volume, light weight and high transmission efficiency, and it can be placed inside the hosiway under the situation of machine roomless. The plan can also provide the designers more free space when designing besides for saving the architect cost.

Product Details

Persons:10-19Drive Type: AC, Vvvf InvertSpeed(M/S): 1.0-2.0
Capacity: 500-1000kgSpeed: Middle SpeedOrigin: China
Elevator Type: Passenger ElevatorsType: Passenger Elevator
Max Travling Height(M): 45-120Trademark: Black Bear Elevator

 CE, GOST, ISO9001; IS014001

Product Name: Machine Roomless Passenger Lift
Capacity(Person): 400-1250
Product Description

We're very well about the loss reduction and energy-saving, environmental protection ideas for Black Bear Elevator machine roomless passenger lift. With great improvement on design freedom of motion & full expressing on green humanities, we endeavor to save the building area, enhance the freedom in Design, fully display a green and human concept. Compared with loading capacity of 5% of the electricity 10% of the building area. Black Bear Elevator  machine roomless passenger lift breaks through the premise that every lift needs to have a machine In the modern constructions for the limited space in the modern constructions.

Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

We use rare earth material and fully combine coaxial transmission technology and digital variable frequency technology with group computer combined control technology. With less running cost & less energy dissipated. Compared with the ordinary and traditional technology, gearless traction machine can save more than 30% of The energy. Gearless traction machine needs no renewal of lubricant. Without grease pollution, low noise, quiet & natural

Energy-regenerating technology

From food technically to energy-generating technology, there is a significant elevator consumes the electric energy of the motor by energy resistanc. Regenerative electric energy of resistance. It isothering electric energy of the motor to AC electric grid. It is other heating power.

Automatic lighting of LED energy-saving lamp

We use energy-saving LED lamp. When nobody uses the lift. The lighting in the car will turn off automatically & automatically turn on once receiving any calling commands. Saving the electrictly energy

Voice reporting

Under normal running arrival, report the floor that is about to arrive by using the voice device; Before lift door closing, voice device will forecast next running floor, making the movement harmonious and natural.

Low noise

Offer a quiet space for you

Top advanced door operator system

Applies the advanced VVVF variable voltage and variable frequency control technology to the lift door operator system so as to ensure the smooth lift door and quiet switch. What is more, the self-learning door load detetor increases the sensitivity of te lift door switching on / Off the lift door load on every floor. It automatically rectifies the most suitable open / shut speed in every floor so as to guarantee the security and reliability.




Standard Function

ravel  FunctionVVVF  driveMotor  rotating  speed  can  be  precisely  adjusted  to  get  smooth  speed  curve  in  lift  start, travel  and  stop  and  gain  the  sound  comfort.
VVVF  door  operatorMotor  rotating  speed  can  be  precisely  adjusted  to  get  the  more  gentle  and  sensitive  door  machine  start/stop
Independent  runningThe  lift  can  not  respond  to  outer  calling, but  only  respond  to  the  command  inside  the  car  through  the  action  switch
Automatic  pass  without  stopWhen  the  car  is  crowded  with  the  passenger  or  the  load  is  close  to  preset  value, the  car  will  automatically  pass  the  calling  landing  in  order  to  keep  maimum  travel  efficiency
Automatically  adjust  door  opening  timeDoor-open  time  can  be  automatically  adjusted  according  to  the  difference  between  landing  calling  or  car  calling
Reopen  with  hall  callIn  the  door  shutting  process, press  reopen  with  hall  call  button  can  restart  the  door
Express  door  closing When  the  lift  stops  and  opens  the  door,   press  door-shut  button, the  door  will  be  closed  immediately
Car  stops  and  door  openThe  lift  decelerates  and  levels, the  door  only  opens  after  the  lift  comes  to  a  complete  stop
Car  arrival  gongArrival  gong  in  the  car  top  announces  that  the  passengers  arrive
Command  register  cancelIf  you  press  the  wrong  floor  coomand  button  in  the  car,   twice  continuous  pressing  of  the  same  button  can  cancel  the  registered  command
Safety  functionPhotecell  reptectionIn  the  door  open  and  shut  period, infrared  light  that  covers  the  whole  door  height  is  used  to  probe  the  door  protection  device  of  both  the  passengers  and  objects 
Designated  stopIf  the  lift  can  not  open  the  door  in  the  destination  floor  out  of  some  reason, the  lift  will  close  the  door  and  travel  to  the  next  designated  floor
Overload  holding  stopWhen  the  car  is  overload, the  buzzer  rings  and  stops  the  lift  in  the  same  floor
Anti-stall  timer  protectionThe  lift  stops  operation  due  to  slippery  traction  wire  rope
Start  protection  control If  the  lift  does  not  leave  door  zone  within  the  designated  time  after  it  gets  started, it  will  stop  the  operation
Inspection  operationWhen  the  lift  enters  into  inspection  operation, the  car  travels  at  inching  running
Fault  self-diagnosisThe  controller  can  record  62  latest  troubles  so  as  to  quickly  remove  the  trouble  and  restore  the  lift  operation
Repeated  door  closingIf  the  lift  can  not  close  the  door  due  to  certain  obstacle  or  interference,   the  lift  will  reopen  or  re-shut  the  door  until  sundries  results  in  more  safe  and  reliable  lift  travel
Up/down  over-run  and  final  limit  protectionThe  device  can  effectively  prevent  from  the  lift' s  surging  to  the  top  or  knocking  the  bottom  when  it  is  out  of  control. It  results  in  more  safe  and  reliable  lift  travel
Down  over-speed  protection  deviceWhen  the  lift  downs  1.2  times  higher  than  the  rated  speed,   this  device  will  automatically  cut  off  control  mains, stop  the  motor  running  so  as  to  stop  lift  down  at  over-speed.   If  the  lift  continues  to  down  at  over-speed,   and  the  speed  is  1.4  times  higher  than  rated  speed,   safety  tongs  act  to  force  the  lift  stop  in  order  to  ensure  the  safety
Upward  over-speed  protection  deviceWhen  the  lift  up  speed  is  1.2  times  higher  than  rated  speed,   the  device  will  automatically  decelerate  or  brake  the  lift
Micro-touch  button  for  car  call  and  hall  callNovel  micro-touch  button  is  used  for  operation  panel  command  button  in  the  car  and  landing  calling  button
Floor  and  direction  indicatior  inside  carThe  car  shows  the  lift  floor  location  and  current  travel  direction
Floor  and  direction  indicator  in  hall The  landing  shows  the  lift  floor  location  and  current  travel  direction
Emergency  functionEmergency  car  lighting Emergency  car  lighting  automatically  activated  once  power  failure
Inching  running When  the  lift  enters  into  emergency  electric  operation, the  car  travels  at  low  speed  inching  running
Five  way  intercomCommunication  amid  car, car  top, lift  machine  room, well  pit  and  rescue  duty  room  through  walkie-talkie
Bell In  emergency  conditions, if  bell  button  above  car  operation  panel  is  continuously  pressed, electric  bell  rings  on  top  of  the  car
Fire  emergency  returnIf  you  start  key  switch  in  main  landing  or  monitor  screen, all  the  callings  will  be  cancelled. The  lift  directly  and  immediately  drives  to  the  designated  rescue  landing  and  automatically  opens  the  door
Energy-saving  functionCar  ventilation,   light  automatic  shut  offIf  there  is  no  calling  or  command  signal  within  the  stipulated  time,   the  car  fan  and  lighting  will  be  automatically  closed  in  order  to  save  the  energy
Remote  shut-offThe  lift  can  be  called  to  main  landing(after  finishing  the  service)  through  the  key  switch  and  automatically  exists  the  service
Machine Roomless Elevator Construction Sketch


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