Economic Style Passenger Elevator

Passenger elevator: the elevator designed for transporting passengers requires perfect safety facilities and certain car interior decoration.

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Advanced techniques

Control system

The operation control board and the inverter double CPU are integrated to avoid communication interference.

The field bus control mode effectively controls the data network system of each unit, so that the call display command responds quickly and accurately.

No crawl operation reduces leveling waiting time and improves operation efficiency.

Static motor magnetic pole learning mode makes maintenance and debugging conveniently.

The sine and cosine encoder realizes the perfect start / stop, does not need to install the weighing sensor, and simply adjusted by the potentiometer.

COP30D operating board and OPP display board integrated design.

ACII mode, there is no special character concept.

Set up the floor through the upper / lower running button, the floor set up on site is very convenient.

The function of voice reporting station is convenient for disabled people to use.

Machine system

Low vibration, low noise: It reduces vibration and noise by 70% compared with gear tractors, and reduces 30% vibration inside the car.

Environmental protection: No excitation pollution, no pollution caused by lubricating oil.

Energy saving:No excitation and gear loss, power saving.

Economics:Save maintenance (free maintenance) and use cost (without lubricating oil).

Life:The design of the U groove of the wheel rope reduces the extrusion friction on the wire rope and greatly improves the service life of the wire rope.

Superior performance and efficiency, safety and durability

Excellent performance and high efficiency can meet your safety and durability requirements.

Compact structure

Reduce the size of the well to maximize the utilization of the internal space of the building.

The minimum well area is achieved, and the pit and the roof are minimum.

Reduce the area of the well and maximize the utilization of the building area.

Reduce the upper and lower space, save machine room construction costs.

Time - saving installation

Shorten the installation time

The installation structure is simple and the installation time is minimized.

Run smoothly

A comfortable ride experience

Strictly comply with vibration and noise standards in order to achieve superior ride experience.

Patent characteristics

Anti grooves door boots

At the bottom of the boot bracket, the L type elbow is set up. When the outer force is applied to the landing door, the elbow and the guide slot of the sill are connected to each other, thus preventing the door boot from removing the grooves, ensuring the normal opening and closing of the elevator landing door, avoiding the safety hidden danger caused by removing from the slots of the boot bracket, and ensuring the reliable and safe operation of the elevator.


Perfect maintenance and maintenance management system

Rapid and accurate maintenance

1 periodic examination

2 precision maintenance

3 fault treatment

4 personnel training

5 spare parts management

6 quality management


B Type


Car ceiling:CD113B (paint spraying steel sheet / P - 0 19), LED tube lamp

Car wall:Hairline stainless steel

Car door:Hairline stainless steel

Control box:OPP-D564/ white dot matrix / hairline stainless steel



C Type

Car ceiling:CD198A (paint spraying steel sheet /P024), LED tube lamp

Car wall:Hairline stainless steel

Car door:Hairline stainless steel

Control box:OPP-D564/ white dot matrix / hairline stainless steel



D Type

Car ceiling:CD191A (paint spraying steel sheet /P-033/ hairline stainless steel)

Car wall:Hairline stainless steel

Car door:Hairline stainless steel

Control box:OPP-D564/ white dot matrix / hairline stainless steel



E Type

Car ceiling:CD451B / (paint spraying steel sheet /P-022)

Car wall:Hairline stainless steel

Car door:Hairline stainless steel

Control box:OPP-D564/ white dot matrix / hairline stainless steel





Collection and selection control

The call signal is assembled to carry out a fully   automatic operation mode with selective response.

Slow speed self rescue operation

Under the condition of overhaul, the car is not in the   leveling area, the elevator will run slowly to the leveling area   automatically and  passenger will be   evacuated.

Automatic opening door when arriving station

The elevator opens door automatically when automatic   leveling is done each time.

door opening from outside hall of this floor

If the call button is pressed, the door will remain open. The   door will be closed automatically if it is more than automatic door opening   remaining time. The door will remain open if button is pressed continually.

Door closing button to close the door ahead of time

Under the automatic state, the door which is under open   will respond to the closing action when door closing button is pressed, and   the door is closed ahead of schedule.

Open the door button to open the door

When the elevator stops in the gate area, press the door opening   button to reopen the door that the elevator has closed or not yet closed.

Repeat door opening

If the elevator fails to complete the closing operation,   the door will be reopened. After repeating door opening and closing   operations for several times, the operation can not be completed. The output   fault is waiting for repair.

Maintenance and operation

Move the overhaul switch, enter the maintenance operation,   after pressing the upper / down button, car operates at the overhaul speed;   the call instruction is no longer registered. The display of outside and   inside of the car is discontinued.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting of the car is on when it is blackout.

Five party communication device

The communication among elevator machineroom, car, car   ceiling, pit and duty room is used as a rescue tool for passengers and   maintenance personnel.

Driver operation

The operation mode of the elevator is changed from   automatic operation to driver operation through the switch of the control   board.

Error instruction cancellation

When the button pressed by the passenger is registered, registration   can be cancelled when button is pressed twice.

Automatic cancellation of instructions in reverse

When the elevator reaches the far end landing, all reverse   direction instructions in the car will be removed.

Automatic closing of car lighting

There is no call registration within the specified time.   The lighting in the car will be automatically closed and activated after   receiving the call signal.

Car fan automatically shut down

There is no call registration within the specified time,   the fan in the car will be automatically closed and activated after receiving   the call signal.

Automatic return to base station

Under the condition of automatic operation, the elevator   automatically returns to the base station when time of no instructions and   calls are more than that of returning to base station.

Self learning of well track data

Learn all kinds of data in the well (landing height,   safety switch location, etc.) and permanently store the operation data.

The arbitrary settings of the service floor

Set up parameters for elevator docking landing, parallel   base stations, fire evacuation floor, lock elevator base stations,   underground floors through the LCD interface.

Floor dot matrix display

In the lobby and inside of the car, dot matrix floor   display is adopted, featuring rich characters, vivid display and beautiful   character.

Digital / arrow scroll display

Both the outside and the inside of the car show the   direction of operation by using the rolling arrow.

Auto update of car position signal

Update the elevator position data by reconfirming the   action points of the safety switch and each level switch.

Lock ladder service

The lock key is switched to the stop position, the   elevator is stopped and the elevator starts normal operation after reset.

Fire emergency return

The fire switch on the main station is launched, all calls   are cancelled, and the elevator immediately goes to the fire evacuation   station to park and open.

Door safety light screen protection

In the closing process, nearly 100 beams of infrared light   are used to detect door and door protector for passengers and objects.

Overload protection measures

When the car is overloaded, the elevator does not close   and the buzzer rings. At the same time, the LED inside the car shows full   loaded characters.

Reverse operation protection

The system detected that the direction of the elevator   running in 3 seconds was inconsistent with the direction of the instructions,   and immediately stopped.

Anti skidding protection

The system detected that the wire rope skidding would stop   all operation of the car and failure alarm.

Protection of anti slide car

The system detects that   when the elevator stops, the feedback pulse is generated for 3 seconds, and   the flat layer signal is changed. It is determined that the elevator is   running, that is, all the operation of the stop car and the fault alarm.

Anti terminal protection

The upper and lower terminals of the elevator are equipped   with terminal deceleration switches and limit switches to protect the   elevator from exceeding the journey.

voice station

The elevator arrives at the station, and the voice is   reported to the elevator to reach the storey station and the direction of   operation.



Door safety edge protection

During the closing process, if the safety touchpad is in   contact with passengers or objects, the elevator door opens immediately.

Parallel control

The two elevators share a set of call signal systems,   allocate calls with use the distance principle to improve the operation   efficiency of the elevators.

Group control operation

It is suitable for the high-rise buildings with the   largest volume of passenger flow, with the centralized control of 3-4   elevators in each group to improve the efficiency of elevator transportation.

Power off emergency levelling device

After the power failure, the rechargeable battery provides   elevator power, the elevator goes to the nearest floor, and the door opens to   evacuate passengers.

Car auxiliary steering wheel

It is used for elevators with large load so that more   passengers in the car can use conveniently.

Light scintillation in storey station

The flashing of the door indicator lights indicates the   arrival of the car and its running direction to the passengers waiting in the   elevator hall.

Full load bypass

When fully loaded, the elevator does not respond to the   external call instruction and responds only to the instructions inside the   car.

Anti – nuisance

When the number of passengers in the car is small, the   registration of cars inside the car will be cancelled if more than 6 floors   are registered.

Fire emergency operation

After the fire switch is activated, all calls are   cancelled. As a rescue elevator, they only answer the call inside the car.

VIP function

After the signal is   activated, the elevator runs to the designated VIP level and opens standby.

IC card function

The external call or control board can realize IC card   function. Only IC card personnel can take the elevator.

Door keeping function

The elevator stays open until it is more than setting   time.

Floor reservation system

Register the target floor in advance, optimize elevator   operation, save passenger time and reduce energy consumption.


It is applicable to all construction works in accordance with the hyundai elevator layout plan.






General conditions

1. Provide installation   ground on construction site, equipment unloading yard, and provide sufficient   warehouse with strong lock.

2. the Party A is responsible for the safekeeping work   before the unopened.The   opening and counting of elevator equipment shall be jointly attended by both   parties.

3. is responsible for providing a shaft that is in   conformity with the elevator's civil construction confirmation drawings. If   there is any discrepancy, rectification shall be carried out according to the   requirements of Party B.

4. responsible for decoration after installation and   repair of ground holes.

5. Before and during the installation of the elevator, all   the reserved doors must be equipped with a safety barrier or barrier   enclosure with a height of not less than 1.2 meters, and should ensure   sufficient strength (withstand the impact above 900N).



1. Provide dry pit   waterproof floor to meet load according to drawing requirements.

2. Do a good job of   reinforcing the cement bottom or grouting for pit equipment.

3. provide suitable   drainage and waterproof devices if necessary.

4. clean up the sundries   that have nothing to do with the installation of the construction.




1. the construction of the required shaft is in conformity   with the relevant national standards and the requirements of the Hyundai   elevator confirmation drawings to meet the appropriate fire protection grade.   The shaft wall should be properly strengthened. The shaft wall must be   smooth, no protruding part, no exposed steel bar and sundries.

2. keep necessary openings for the doorframe, the call box   and the display (as shown by the hyundai elevator drawings), including the   required emergency exit and the shaft vent.

3. design, configure and install well bore components,   including diaphragms or I-beams, that require force and heavy loads arising   from the use of elevator equipment.

4. As shown by Hyundai elevator   drawing, the qualified sill and gatehead area are laid for each shaft gate.

5. provide accurate datum   points / sill datum thread for doorframe.

1. keep the reserved holes according to the drawing   requirements, and ensure that the height and area of the machineroom meet the   requirements of the drawings.

2. during the   construction period, the power supply of three phase and five lines with   power not less than motor rated power is provided free of charge to the machine   room and lighting power supply.

3. the machine room is   equipped with strong doors, window locks and all closed, and it says that the   machine room is important area, and irrelevant person can not enter the room.

4. a hook with sufficient   load capacity is installed above the shaft of the machine room.

5. the machine room need   set an independent grounding wire, the section area should be larger than the   power line section area, the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohm,   insulated wire is used from the ground to the machineroom part.

6. the floor of the   machineroom should have enough strength (at least 500kg/ square meters) and   skid resistance. Each key point should meet the counterforce requirements of   the machineroom.

7. An appropriate ventilator   or air conditioner are set in the machineroom.


1. the air temperature of the machine room should be kept   between 5~40 degrees, good ventilation, humidity should be kept below 85%,   and the floor illumination should be no less than 200.

2. the input voltage fluctuation of the state grid should   be kept between +/-7% of rated voltage.

3. ambient air should not contain corrosive and flammable   gases and conductive dust.

4. there should be no items and equipment that are not related   to elevators in the machine room.

5. there are elevator equipment files and operation   management rules and regulations.

6. the access to the   machine room, the pulley and the pit must be smooth and permanent lighting.

7. the doors and windows   of the machine room should be rainproof, the door is locked, and the labels   are written that the machine room is important site, the idle people will not   enter, there should be proper fire protection facilities, fixed lighting and   power supply socket in the machine room.

8. the grounding mode of   the system should be based on the TN-S or TN-S-C system of the power supply   system, and the central line N and the grounding line PE should always be   separated from the machineroom.

9. when the sill distance of the adjacent two floors of   the elevator is more than 11 meters, the safety gate should be set up. The   safety gate of the shaft should be opened only outside the shaft, and the   door can be closed and locked after the door is opened, and the door must be   opened with the key outside the shaft, and the door can be opened without the   key in the shaft .

10.All grouting and   backfilling and repair must be completed between hall door jamb and shaft   wall. The installation hole of the hall button must be covered.

11. There must be a height of not less than 2.5 meters   barrier between two lift units which are in passage shaft with multiple   elevators.

12. Fixed lighting should   be installed in the shaft, and a lamp should be set up respectively within   0.5 meters of the highest and lowest location of the shaft. A lamp will be   set up every 7 meters in the middle of the shaft.

13. the five party call system must ensure the call   between the car and the monitoring room.

14.There should be a   distribution box in machineroom, each elevator should be equipped with   independent control power, lighting and shaft lighting air switch, and at   least one single-phase power outlet should be equipped with in each machine room.

15. Machine room and the shaft of the fire elevator must   be independent.

16. The cargo elevator should have a full-time driver who   holds the elevator driver's license.

17. The suitable fire protection facilities should be   provided in the machineroom.

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