Best Price Cheap Top Quality Smooth Automatic Escalator

Our escalators provide safe, reliable and eco-friendly mobility in shopping centers, airports, railway stations and commercial buildings. Attractive yet robust, our equipment is designed to be equally at home in the elegant atmosphere of commercial surroundings and in the tough, punishing environment of public transport. All Black Bear Elevator escalators are designed to meet governing safety codes and meet or exceed minimum ASME A17.1 codes.

Product Details

High quality drive system

It reduces the vibration and noise during the escalator and sidewalk,making it more silent and stable.

Hi-tech durable materlais

Optimized truss structure boasts strong load capacity and raises the operational stability.

Efficient frequency-conversion driver

Reducing ersion and energy loss and power comsumption,which makes products save energy and electricity.

Large load and corrosion resistance


satisfing the demands for commercial use and public transportation.

Product namehigh quality vvvf escalator
Product DescriptionThe latest control technology of BG, manufacture the elevators with modern new type materials, and present the perfect performance in operation quality, safety function, car shape design, and energy saving as well as consumption reduction. The brilliance of elevators well interprets the dignity and quintessence of buildings
Packagingstandard export packing
Model/ModeloBGF800/0.5-35° speed:0.5m/s   BGF1000/0.5-35°
Lifting height(mm)/altura de elevación3500/4000/4500/4800/5000/5500/6000
Net weight(mm)/Peso neto120/126/132/140/146/150
Bearing capacity/Capacidad de cargaR1 KN:98/104/112/118/123/124/130/134/138/142/152/162        R2 KN:88/94/100/106/110/112/114/118/120/122/124/128/138/144
Motor power(KW)/Fuerza de motor5.5/7.5/8/11


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