1000mm Step Width Escalator

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Product Details



G4 LED illumination

Adopt multiple kinds of LED illumination plans, compared with traditional illumination,saving energy by 80%, improving service life by 100%.


Standard configuration

Its superior performance design, firm and integrated spares and parts can more flexibly conform to the bilateral needs from both commercial and public traffic&transportation.

Handrail inlet

The escalator is designed with novel,elegant style, which displays the nobleness and imposing manner of the conveying constructions.

Anti-pinch device

Be installed in both sides of skirt guard board, the anti-pinch device installed in stairs to avoid touch of shoes of passengers with skirt guard board, preventing effectively pinch of foreign matters into stairs.


Protection device for stair deficiency

Sensor is installed in rotation of stairs of escalator; when there is deficiency of stairs, the escalator will stop operation.

Table type traction machine

The smooth engagement and the frictional reduction guarantees the extremely low noise.It can reduce more than 60% of the noise. Compared with the traditional worm wheel drive, it is of higher driving efficiency.



Optional confuguration


In order to satisfy diversified applications and higher level of requirement for functions,can provide flexibly product accessories in order to match perfectly to practical operation environment of escalator.


Heating device

Use escalator under circumstance with extremely low temperature outdoor; install heating device in upper, middle and bottom machine room.

Oil/water separator (applicable to outdoor type)

Separate oil and water of escalator, rail water is discharged after filtering through oil-water separator; make regular clearing about oil contamination, taking the effect of environmental protection.

Stair alarm light

Green LED is installed in upper and bottom entrances stairs, when the escalator is in operation, green fluorescence emits from tooth of stairs to help passengers ientify and improve safety of ride.



Environmental innovation

Phase dislocation (loss of phase, opposition) protection

Motor overload protection device

Electric appliance loop protection device

Protection device in entrance of handrail

Safety device for comb plate

Protection device for stair collapse

Detector for stair deficiency

Protection device for chain scission of main drive chain

Safety protection device for stairs

Over speed protection device

Protection device for reversal direction


Affiliated brake

Emergency stop button

Skirt guard board protection device

Electrostatic protection device for stairs

Detector for brake releasing

Machine room control cabinet, stopping button

Handrail speed detector

Anti-pinch device(skirt guard board brush)

Open detection when make overhauling over floor plate

Monitoring device over brake distance

Electrostatic protection device for handrail

Start buzzer warning

Water level switch (outdoor type)

Malfunction display

Machine room shield

Duplex chain

Yellow warning line

Integrated direction indicator (emergy system)

Stair interval illumination

Broach illumination

External operation direction indicator

Handrail anti-climbing device

Automatic oiling device

Uprush safety protective device over stairs

Handrail breakage protection

Overhaul lock



Put clients first, time is life

Shanghai Fuji infiltrates service idea of put clients first, time is life into each service link. From presales, in sales to after sales, Shanghai Fuji establishes rigorous service management system, actively responds to clients consultancy,provides detailed using direction, gives fast response to installation and maintenance, and treats quality service for clients highly recognition.


Consistent service idea

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