Long Service Time Low Noise Warehouse Freight Elevator

Provide professional elevator solutions according to project conditions and parameters provided by customers.

Product Details


Gear and gearless freight elevator

Advanced technology gives trusted service

Digital intelligent management, timely and reliable service

Pre sale service

Provide professional elevator solutions according to project conditions and parameters provided by customers.

Installation service

According to the relevant GB standards of the state, we provide rigorous installation services according to the installation management manual.

Training services

After passing the elevator inspection, we will provide professional elevator use technical training for elevator use units or property companies.

Maintenance service

The service network has covered all provincial capitals in the country, and manufacturers directly undertake maintenance services.

Special functions (optional)

Remote monitoring system

The data acquisition module is installed in the elevator control cabinet, and the 365 day 24 hour monitoring is realized through the LAN and the broadband network, and the domestic and foreign elevator operation state are monitored in the maintenance center of the company.

Product summary

Combining with advanced technology, such as elevator engineering technology, strong drag system and high strength mechanical structure design, it can not only accommodate a large number of goods, but also can operate reliably in various harsh environments. It has the characteristics of high reliability, strong durability and high levelling precision and is  widely used in factories, warehouses, shopping malls and other freight yards.

Main configuration

Main motor: Main motor with gear

Control cabinet: IC7000-A

Door machine: Double folding AC permanent magnet gate machine

Center opening door Double folding AC permanent magnet gate machine

Control box:XCP4-D

Call box:XHB11-A

main features

Sturdy structure, safe and reliable

The optimal design of the high strength car structure and key components improves the firmness and safety of the whole structure, and effectively guarantees the safety of goods and personnel transportation.

Open space

A double folding door system is adopted to achieve maximum opening width. Safe and sensitive infrared curtain forms light screen protection barrier to protect effectively the safe in and out of goods and personnel.

Professional design and compact structure

Professional design, technical processing capacity and different shaft features are combined to fully improve the utilization ratio of shaft while meeting the needs of different customers.


Gearless freight elevator

Product summary

High tech permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine technology of leading the trend of the times is adopted, small spacious main engine,minimized shaft space, outstanding energy-saving effect,lowest running noise and first rate riding quality, are the classic work of combination of safety and technology, which can be widely used in factories, shopping malls and other freight places.

Main configuration

Main engine: Gearless main engine

Control cabinet: IC7200-A

Door machine: Double folding AC permanent magnet gate machine

Medium split double fold AC permanent magnet gate machine

Control box: XCP4-D

Call box: XHB11-A


Main features

High efficiency, energy saving, green environmental protection

Equipped with integrated control system, the combined application of the latest PMSM drive and the stepless speed control variable frequency gate machine to goods elevator products greatly reduces energy consumption and improves efficiency.

Excellent function and excellent quality

The drive system uses VVVF vector control to make the product start, add decelerate, stop very smooth and comfortable, and zero speed can be realized when it is parking. It greatly improves the precision of levelling, reduces the noise and vibration of operation.

Flexible, easy to install

The main machine is light in weight and small in size, and machine roomless can be equipped to save construction costs.

Gear / gearless freight elevator car

Suspended ceiling: Spray powder of steel plate

Ventilation mode: Fan

Lighting: Fluorescent lamp

Sill:Aluminum alloy, cast iron

Car door /car wall: Spray powder of steel plate

Control box / call box: Hairline stainless steel

floor:Tread steel sheet


Standard function

Close the door and wait for cancellation

Automatic elimination of reverse instruction

Door closing delay protection

Door protection of sedan car

Door closet protection

Stop the door and open the door

Automatic staircase

base station

Overhaul of sedan roof

Fan lighting control in sedan chair

Overloading protection

Open and close the door button

Separate control of halls and sedan doors

Direction instructions outside the hall and in the sedan   chair

Digital display in the hall and sedan chair

Two line / four line communication

Police bell in the sedan chair


Error instruction cancellation

Outer door of the floor hall

Re initialization run

Terminal floor protection

Moment compensation for starting time

Emergency lighting in car

Open and close the door button

Driver operation

Emergency fire operation

Optional Features

Full load bypass

Open button

Independent service

Emergency electric operation of control cabinet

The arrival clock of the car

Parallel function

Emergency evacuation device for power outage

Driver bypass

Fire status reminder

Automatic rebalance


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