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Our freight elevator uses microcomputers to regulate the variable voltage variable frequency control technology and has advanced international technology.

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Our freight elevator uses microcomputers to regulate the variable voltage variable frequency control technology and has advanced international technology.


1elevator variable frequency control

By adjusting the voltage and frequency of the motor by the   frequency converter, the speed of the motor can be controlled freely and the   comfort of the elevator can be improved. At the same time, it can save the   power of the motor.

2 vector control

Used for servo tracking   motor instantaneous speed, so that motor operation is more stable.

3full collective and selective control

In the automatic state or the driver's state, the elevator   calls the button signal at the same time in response to the instruction   signal in the sedan chair. All passengers in the floor can call up the   elevator by calling up and down summon signals.

4 maintenance and operation

This is the operation function used in the maintenance or   commissioning of the elevator. When it is in line with the operating   conditions, the up / down button can make the elevator run on / down at the   speed point of maintenance.Press the   button continuously to keep the elevator running and release the button.

5 slow self rescue operation

When the elevator is in a non overhaul condition, it is   not stopped in the flat area.At this   point, as long as it meets the safety requirements of starting, the elevator   will automatically run slowly to the level area and open the door.

6 clock control

There is a real time clock in the system, so the exact   time of each failure can be recorded when fault records are taken.In addition, you can also determine exactly   when to open what functions.

7 keep automatic control of door opening time

Without the driver   running, the elevator will automatically shut down after several hours of   automatic delay.If there is no call signal, the delay time is 2.5 seconds. If   there is a call signal, the delay time is 4 seconds.This delay can be set in   the parameters.

8 door opening from outside hall of this floor

If the call button is pressed, the door opens   automatically.If the button is   pressed and hold, the door is open.

9 advanced door closing for closing door button

In automatic condition, the door can be closed immediately   after closing the door, closing the door ahead of time.

10 door opening for door   opening button

When the elevator stops in the gate area, it can press the   door button in the car to reopen the door which has been closed or not   closed.

11 repeated door opening

If the elevator keeps closing for 8 seconds, the door lock   will not be closed until the elevator is turned into the open door.

12 docking at exchange stop

If the elevator continues to open for 8 seconds, the door   opening limit has not yet been moved.The elevator will turn off the door.And after the door is   closed, respond to the next call and instruction.

13 error instruction   cancellation

When the passenger presses the command button, it is found   to be incompatible with the actual requirement, and the signal of the   registration is cancelled after the instructions are registered with the   button of 2 error instructions.

14 automactic cancellation instruction when reverse direction happened

When the elevator reaches the farthest station, it will   reverse all original registration instructions.

15 direct docking

When the system adopts analog control, the elevator   decelerate completely according to the principle of distance, and there is no   crawling when leveling.

16 full load bypass

In the case of automatic no driver running, when the car   is full loaded (usually 80% of the rated load), the elevator does not respond   to the summoning signal and only responds to the instruction signal.

17 automatic power off for lighting,fan in the car when   the elevator is waiting

If the elevator has no instruction and call registration   for more than 3 minutes, the cabin lights and fans will be automatically cut   off.But after receiving the   instruction or calling the signal, it will automatically reactivate the power   and put it into operation.

18 automatic return to base station

When there is no driver operation, if the automatic base   station function is set, the elevator is automatically returned to the base   station after a certain time (time can be set by parameter setting) when   there is no instruction and call.

19 liquid crystal display interface operation

The main board is   equipped with liquid crystal display and operation panel, which can show the   speed, direction, state of elevator and the speed of elevator operation. It   can also inquire the fault record of elevator and so on.

20 simulated velocity given

By selecting the analog speed curve, the speed curve can   be generated by itself, and the distance principle is used to decelerate, so   as to realize direct stopping and improve the efficiency of the elevator   operation.

21 fault history record

20 recent faults can be recorded, including time, floor   and code.

22Data self learning of   shaft and floor

Before the official operation of the elevator, the well   track learning function of the starting system is used to learn the various   data in the well path (layer height, protection switch position, deceleration   switch position, etc.), and keep these running data permanently.

23 arbitrary setting of the  service floor

Through hand-held   operators, we can set up any elevators to which stations and which stations   do not stop.

24Arbitrary setting of   display characters in many floors

The characters displayed on each floor can be set   arbitrarily by hand-held manipulator, such as setting up the first floor   display, etc.

25attendant operation

The driver's operation can be selected through the toggle   switch of the control box.When   the driver operates, the elevator does not have the function of automatic   closing, and the door of the elevator is carried out under the condition that   the driver keeps pressing the shutter button.At the same time, it also has   the driver to select directional and push buttons.There is no difference between   other functions and no driver operation.

26scrolling display   of  running direction

The floor monitors in the hall and the sedan show the   direction of operation when the elevator is running.

27Automatic correction of position signal of  floor

When the system runs, the position signal of the   elevator's position is corrected at each terminal switch action point and the   flat layer switch action point of each floor.

28 lock elevator service

After automatic operation, the lock ladder switch is   positioned, eliminating all call registration, the elevator is still   operating normally, only responds to the car instruction until no instruction   is registered.Then return to the   base station, automatically open the door, close the car's interior lighting   and fans, light the door opening button, and automatically close the door   after 10 seconds of delay, then stop the elevator running.When the lock   ladder switch is reset, the elevator starts working again.

29 infrared curtain protection

Each elevator is equipped with a door light screen   protection device.When there is   something blocking in the middle of the two car door, the door curtain will   protect the elevator and the elevator will open.But the door curtain   protection does not work in the fire control operation.

30 overload protection   measures

When the overload switch moves, the elevator does not   close and the buzzer rings.

31 reverse operation protection

When the system detected the direction of the elevator   running continuously for 3 seconds is inconsistent with the direction of the   instruction, it will immediately stop the emergency and alarm.

32 anti-skidding protection

In the non maintenance state, during the operation of the   elevator, if the time limit of the limiter is running continuously (maximum   45 seconds), there is no horizontal switch action, and the system considers   that the wire rope skidding fault is detected.Therefore, we will stop the operation of the car until the power   is reset or turn to the maintenance state before it can resume normal operation.

33 car slipping prevention

The system detects that when the elevator stops the   ladder, the feedback pulse is generated for 3 seconds in a row, and the   elevator is judged to be slipped, so the alarm is broken and the elevator is   prevented from running when there is a failure.

34 anti terminal overtravel   protection

The upper and lower   terminals of the elevator are equipped with terminal deceleration switches,   terminal limit switches and terminal limit switches to ensure that the   elevator will not travel further.

35 fire emergency return operation

When a fire is encountered, when the fire is returned to   the switch position, the elevator immediately eliminates all instructions and   calls, runs to the fire station in the fastest way, and opens the door to   stop the ladder.

36firefighter operation

When a fire is encountered, when the fireman's operation   switch is placed, the elevator immediately eliminates all instructions and   calls to return to the fire station, and then goes into the firefighter operation   mode.In the firefighters'   operation mode, there is no automatic door closing action. Only by opening   and closing the door button, point operation can cause the door to close.The   elevator only responds to the instructions inside the car and eliminates all   registered instructions after arrival.Only when the elevator opens and stops   at the base station, will the two switches be reset before the elevator can   return to normal operation.

37 arrival gong

When the elevator decelerates the flat layer, the ringing   will be mounted on the top or bottom of the sedan chair and down to the   station clock to remind the passengers and the waiting ladder passengers in   the sedan floor to be in the flat and immediately to the station.

38emergency lighting

When the lift is cut off, the emergency lights in the car   will automatically light up.In   order to prevent fear of rescue trapped personnel in the elevator.

39five-party intercom

In the car, computer   room, car top, bottom pit and duty room, there is a private telephone.When   the elevator is overhauled or fails, it can be checked or rescued by   telephone.This device can be used even in the state of power outage.

40 bells alarm

When the elevator fails  and the duty room is unmanned, the trapped personnel can press the alarm button,   and the alarm bell in the well will send out a high decibels of sound to   notify the external rescue.





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