High Quality Full Stainless Steel Goods Elevator,freight Elevator With CE Certificate

freight elevator freely and flexibly bear any heavy loads at ease under various work conditions.It creates a brand-new goods transport concept.

Product Details


FUSIJG freight elevator freely and flexibly bear any heavy loads at ease under various work conditions.It creates a brand-new goods transport concept.

Machineroom less freight elevator

FUSIJG machineroom-less freight elevator takes low-carbon environment protection as design concept. It saves energy and reduces consumption. It gives a full play of green human-centered ideas to the products.Compared with same load level geared elevator,it saves about 40% of electric energy,10% of building area.

This freight elevator greatly increases the quality and performance of current freight elevator through the technological combination. It also largely reduces the possible accidents and has outstanding performance in the elevator structure and safety drive.Freight elevator lays great importance upon optimized design in various uses and environments such as the factory, production line, warehouse, shopping center, department store, exhibition hall, library etc. It can competently bear various loads under different conditions. Its distinguished advantages of compete variety and high cost performance are well-received in the markets.

Wide door opening

Light curtain protection

Durable in use

Highly accurate leveling


Car decoration

Applicable to cargo lift


JF-F-JX-01 (Standard)

Car wall: painted steel

Ceiling: painted steel

Floor: checked steel

Car door: painted steel


JF-F-JX-02 (Optional)

Car wall: hairline stainless steel

Ceiling: hairline stainless steel

Floor: checked stainless steel

Car door: hairline stainless steel


Function of commercial freight elevator

Standard functions

Main landing return without call

Independent operation

Landing/car door interval setting

Closing time setting

Open/close button

Emergent fireman operation

Emergent car lighting

Full collective control

Digital landing/car position indicator

Call/taking of landing/car

Landing/car running direction indicator

Intercom between monitoring room and machine room/car (excluding cables from machine room to monitoring room)

Independent operation

No stop at full load

Disabled at overload (indicator and buzzer)

Running times indication

Running of emergent motor at roof and in machine room

Manual ventilation and automatically controlled lighting

Automatic failure detection


Light curtain security

Mistaken taking cancelled


Proper functions of door


Optional functions

Anti-interference operation


CCTV cables (from car to machine room)

Operation device UPS

Car approaching indicator

Specialist operation

Opening and leveling

Elevator remote monitoring

Manual lighting and automatically-controlled fan

Voice announcement

Automatic main landing return on fire emergency

BA interface (free contacts interface)


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