Freight Elevator With Large Space

Cargo elevator are widely used in factories, warehouses, shopping centers, hotels, airports and stations.

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VERTISPACE Series Cargo Lift

Ease of Transportation

Our unparalleled VERTISPACE series has long life-span and is suitable for industrial purposes.

Compact and reliable

The highly compact car structure and its optimal design of the key components greatly improved the overall robustness and safety of the elevators.

Large loading capacity

We have made a spectrum of improvements which targets the overloading problem of cargo lifts. The capacity of the cargo lift has been increased by 290% with our newly improved host design and spacious cabin design. On top of that,our inverter capacities have been doubled to ensure accurate torsion regardless of the weight load.

Large tonnage

Using only safety gears and speed limit devices that fulfill national standard,we ensured that our cargo lifts are safe to transport goods of up to 6.5 tonnes. Our braking system has a torque that is 250% above standard level enabling our elevators to withstand a maximum of 180kN load. The elevators are also able to undergo micro-leveling when subjected to various weight loads for the ease of loading/unloading.


Spacious design for transport of bulky goods

In our continuous effort to increase the capacity of our cargo lift,we have put in place the most advanced door system to maximize the door opening width and increased the height of our cabin to 3.6m rendering greater ease during loading/unloading of goods. In addition,we have also equipped our cargo lift with door hold on the operating panel to postpone/delay door closing.

Longer life span with electrophoretic coating

Considering the environments cargo lifts are used in, all VT-XZ cargo lift bottoms are shielded by three layers of electrophoretic coating which serve as triple protection against corrosion.This enhances the life span of our cargo lift by up to 30 years.

According to data analysis,XJ Schindler elevators waste reduces 52% more energy in standby mode.

Leading energy conservation technology reduces 52% power consumption by elevators in standby mode.

XJ Schindler Series Elevators can transit smoothly between hibernate mode when left unused for a prolonged period of time and normal mode when in use. This greatly reduces the power consumption of elevators to a mere 47W.


According to records:The effective operation of an elevator operating on a 24-hour basis is only 3-6 hours.When the elevator is on standby mode, the power wastage is approximately 300W. Cumulatively, the overall power wasted per year is aproximately 2100kWh.This implies that supposedly, $1200 can be saved from the power wastage when elevator is in standby mode.The total amount of energy wasted by the world is almost equal to the total energy produced by QinShan Nuclear Station for 10 years.

Eliminates Lift Slide Incidents

When the lift doors are opened, lift slide incidents can occur due to a spectrum of reasons.Before lift slide incidents can even actualise.Our door protection system will be able to detect any abnormal movements by the elevator. When the elevator slide by 5cm, the protection system will be activated and the elevator will brake and stop within 20cm from the landing level.This prevents major lift slide incidents from occuring.


Catering to your every needs

With our commitment to provide the best service and product,we have successfully developed a perfect VERTISPACE series cargo lift which satisfies all public requirements of cargo lifts.


3D Multi-beam

Considering the special requirements of vehicles, VERTISPACE Series Cargo Lift is equiped with 3D Multi-beam to ensure that the car is well protected during entrance/exit from the elevator.

Ergonomic car operating panel

Position of car operating panel in the lift is lowered for the convenience of the driver to operate the elevator at the comfort of his car.












































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