Freight Elevator With Large Capacity

The elevator is a mechatronics large electromechanical equipment with high automation. Scientific maintenance can greatly extend the service life of truck lifts.

Product Details


Q1. Our Advantages

A1: We boasts experienced and professional technical, production and sales teams.

Q2. About quotation

A2:  Please send us inquiry from Alibaba, we will reply to you within 24 hours. It would be highly appreciated if you offer us all elevator details so that you can get our quotation as soon as possible.

Q3. Payment Terms & Trade Terms

A3:  T/T before and L/C at sight are approved. FOB/ CFR/ CIF are workable with the help of our reliable forwarder. If you have your own forwarder, you can handle the shipment part by yourself.

Q4. What information is absolutely needed before asking for price?

A4:  A. How many persons? 
      ( 6 persons for 450kg,8 persons for 630kg, 10 persons for 800kg etc..) 
      B. How many floors/ stops/ doors? 
      C. What’s the shaft size? (width by depth) 
      D. Is there a machine room on the top of shaft?
      E. The step width, height and angle for escalator.

Q5. What about the packaging?

A5:  All elevator parts will be packed into solid wooden cases. Generally, 1*20’ container is enough to load 1 set of elevator about 6 floors.

Q6. How to do with the elevator installation and maintenance?

A6:  We can send engineers to your country (customers bear all charges) to guide the installation and then train the workers about maintenance in the future. But in most situations, local workers can finish this work with our guidebooks and technology support, or you can ask the local professional elevator engineers to do this job, This can save much money for our customer. Of course, you can get support from our factory at any time.

Different models of freight elevator

ModelLifting heightLoad capacityPlatform sizePit size(mm)
LRL3-2.42400mm3000kg2000*2000mm 300mm
LRL2-55000mm2000kg2100*1200mm 200mm
LRL1-4.54500mm1000kg2100*1500mm 200mm
LRL5-6.56500mm5000kg2200*1600mm 300mm
LRL3-6.56500mm3000kg2200*1900mm 300mm
LRL1.5-3.43400mm1500kg2250*2100mm 300mm 
LRL0.5-7.627620mm500kg760x760mm 250mm 
LRL1-5.25200mm1000kg1500x1250mm 300mm 
LRL0.5-3.13100mm500kg1000x800mm 250mm 
LRL2-6.56500mm2000kg2200x1900mm 300mm 
LRL4-9.759750mm4000kg1900x2250mm 300mm 
LRL2-99000mm2000kg2300x2100mm 300mm 


Freight elevator is customizable in loading capacity, platform size, and lifting height for your individual requirements.

Product Description

MASTER can manufacture elevators to suit different buildings and for different uses; from factory, warehouse, and department store to shopping center.

Ranging from small capacity elevators to freight elevators large enough to carry a loaded fork lift, MASTER Freight Elevators are manufactured based on advanced technology and are reputable for safety, reliability and ease-of-use.

To move freight, you need an elevator that is designed specifically for moving freight. That means a powerful hoisting machine. Durability to cope with rough treatment. A smooth ride to handle fragile loads. Leveling accuracy for easy loading and unloading. Wide doors that maximize the usage of space in the car.

The powerful and high-performance MASTER MRL freight elevator solution is ideal for a multitude of demanding vertical transportation tasks in a variety of buildings: supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, industrial plants and office. MASTER freight elevator brings all of the advantages of machine-room-less elevator technology to higher range of freight elevators.

Quality exists on subtleties while safety forms from quality
The onee goods lift Automobile lift take the vvvf (Varible Voltage Variable Frequency) and choose the advanced microcomputer control. Its main-frame and all accessories are manufactured and taking the advanced world-level technique according the national standards ensuring the every lift manufactured possess the stable and excellent quality.

Onee freight elevators are specially designed to deliver large quantity of freight in commercial buildings and industrial constructions. Adopting side door or the large door opening method of center-opening two-fold doors, Onee elevators, with stable and efficient operation and excellent carrying capacity, are widely applied in factories, warehouses, shopping centers, hotels, airports, stations and other places.

Lighting system with advanced technology
The lighting system, with jewelry-light-sensitive design, adopts the most advanced LED efficient light bulb, has a service life lengthened by several hundred times, realizes low carbon and environmental protection, makes you feel more fashion and light and brings you more considerate humanistic concern.
Super-large liquid crystal screenThe super-large liquid crystal screen displaying floor numbers integrates Ice blue surrounding atmosphere and is the same outside and inside, with the extraordinary connotation highlighting itself. The elevator provides you with brand-new elegant and clear visual enjoyment.
Remote monitor and control system(optional)
Equipped with special remote monitor and control interface, the control system conducts real-time remote monitor and control. With unbreakable safeguard, customers know all the details of elevator use and maintenance. The system, with each characteristic highlighting pure Onee origin, leads the trend of future design. 
Stable control system
The control system, adopting advanced integration control technology in Europe and US, the double 32 bit digital CPU control, orientation-free technology and automatic moment compensation, realizes direct stopping and significantly improves operational efficiency.
Accurate high-performance door motor with permanent magnetism
The frequency-conversion with permanent magnetism, combining the latest synchronous motor drive with permanent magnetism and the latest electrode-less speed regulation control, has advantages of simple debugging, reliable operation, accurate control, efficient energy conservation, automatic resetting and so on, demonstrating elegance in both its dynamic and static states.
 Excellent power performance
The driving system, adopting synchronous gearless traction machine with permanent magnetism, NdFeB high-performance magnetism-and-steel double fixing and over-heat protection device, ensures excellent power performance, effectively reduces emission, improves economical efficiency, and realizes a more stable and more comfortable elevator operation.
Efficient intelligent group control (optional)
Intelligent elevator group control, a special technology independently developed by Onee, enables an elevator group to automatically select the most appropriate response, realizes reasonable allocation of elevator operation, avoids repetitive elevator stopping, shortens the time of passengers waiting for an elevator, and significantly improves operation efficiency of the elevator.


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